Here at Buildmart, we are a family business specializing in supplying and installing high-quality windows and doors in the Ottawa area for the last 16+ years. 

We work with top manufacturers in Canada to source the best product on the market. 

Our double- and triple-pane windows are ENERGY STAR certified and qualify for all applicable energy rebates in the City of Ottawa and the province of Ontario, including the Canada Greener Homes HER+ Grant developed in partnership with Enbridge Gas. 

Buildmart windows are energy-efficient and they instantly improve the look of your home and provide ultimate comfort for decades to come, with virtually no maintenance needed. 

We do it right, once and for all. We source quality windows and send out our experienced teams to perform quality installations of your new windows. Installation can literally make or break your beautiful new windows and we pride ourselves on the high quality of our work. And you can ask any one of our many happy clients in the Ottawa area.

Buildmart windows are special, and a great investment for your home, whether you are updating your heritage home or designing a custom new build and looking to add more value. Here are 10 benefits of our windows:

  • True triple-glazed windows: superior performance

  • Top-quality window hardware 

  • Sufficient window support 

  • Multi-point locks with a corner drive

  • Thicker profile, reinforced window 

  • Enhanced weather stripping

  • Virgin vinyl windows

  • Additional steel reinforcement and extra sealing on mulled windows

  • Push down window screen

  • Variety of colours, styles, trims, and finishes

  • True triple-glazed windows: superior performance

    Many triple-glazed windows on the market are actually only ⅞” of an inch wide, which is great but can be better to reap more benefits. For example, the triple-pane (triple-glazed) windows we sell of the slider and hung type are 1″ ¼ inches wide. Our awning, casement, picture, and casement fixed windows are 1-⅜”.

    Triple-glazed window insulation

    This additional window profile width means that the window panes have more room for inert gases, such as Argon and Krypton. Inert gases mean better insulation capabilities of your windows, where the cold stays outside and the heat stays inside in the winter, and inversely the windows help keep the AC inside and the heatwave temperatures outside in the Ottawa summer. Better insulation also means lower energy bills for you! Plus, Low E-film coating on our windows is designed specially to let in light from the outside, but not the heat from the sun’s rays.

    These triple-glazed windows can have an energy rating of up to 48, one of the highest on the market today. And, did you know that some of our windows provide more insulating properties than a wall?! Window technology has come a long way in recent years, and we are proud to provide such a modern energy-efficient product.

    Top-quality window hardware 

    Our windows feature ROTO Hardware, which manufactures top-quality windows and doors hardware popular both in Europe and North America. ROTO Hardware guarantees an effortless and seamless opening and closing of the window. It only makes sense to complement our high-quality windows and installations with top-of-the-line window hardware too! 

    ROTO is known for its safe mechanical multi-point lock systems keeping you secure in your own home. ROTO’s Tilt&Turn hardware is also the world’s biggest-selling system of its kind, for both windows and balcony doors. When you buy windows and doors outfitted with customizable ROTO hardware, you know you are getting security, design, durability, and ease of use. Just like our windows, the hardware is flexible to be tailored to your and your home’s unique design and needs.

    Sufficient window support 

    Dual arm hardware on our casement windows allows for oversized window manufacturing of up to 38 by 78 inches! This capability gives great customizing options to fit any home design and an oversized window can provide lots of natural light in the home or let you have a better view.

    But a window also does not need to be oversized to benefit from sufficient window support. The proper structural integrity and technical performance of our windows make them one of the most durable options on the market, keeping you safe from intruders, both human and in the form of drafts, humidity, and condensation! 

    With heavy rainfalls in Ottawa, it’s key to ensure your windows are properly insulated and reinforced. Plus, the correct structure of the window will keep it straight in your home and require less maintenance or “straightening out” which can occur in older homes or with lower-quality products or installations.

    Multi-point locks with a corner drive 

    Our windows feature a secure three-point lock system with a top corner reinforcement, which helps the top corner stay in place, improves security, and also reduces infiltration of outside air. 

    Sleep peacefully at night knowing your windows are protecting you and your home. This multi-point lock system also helps provide peace of mind if you go on vacation or a work trip. In fact, all our windows come with this safety feature by default. 

    The top corner reinforcement also helps keep your window structurally sound for decades to come, so you can expect the frame to stay just as it is on the very first day you got your windows — no warping here!

    Thicker profile, reinforced window 

    Our windows have a 7-10% thicker PVC profile than competitors’ windows. Add to that a multi-chamber design and reinforcements throughout, and you will see how our windows have superior structural performance — the frame is more rigid and doesn’t bend or twist. 

    When compared to the industry average, our STAGE windows truly demonstrate a new approach to hardware and efficiency. You will see a 7% to 10% thicker PVC profile for all windows of the picture, awning, and casement fixed type. 

    The thicker PVC profile is specially engineered for triple-glazed glass which is heavier and gives you the option of installing a larger window to maximize the natural light in your home or opting for a modern contemporary home design. 

    Enhanced weather stripping 

    Our windows have a double weather-stripping system and an additional brush with vinyl linen on the sash, which protects your home from the infiltration of water or cold air, always maintaining a comfortable temperature inside. 

    In the harsh Ottawa climate, this is especially important. Plus, hidden drain holes on all our windows allow for more water drainage when it rains. Not interfering with the design, this lowers the risk of water infiltration and maintains a clean-cut look. 

    Virgin vinyl windows 

    The virgin vinyl material that BuildMart windows are made from prevents the fading of colour and warping over time. We don’t use any recycled or reground vinyl with additives in our windows to maintain strong structural integrity. Virgin vinyl also withstands exposure to direct sunlight better.

    We are proud to offer the best material for your new windows on the market today. Virgin vinyl ensures your windows will last you for decades to come, with little to no maintenance needed. Simply wipe down the frame with a soapy washcloth and your windows will look brand new!

    Additional steel reinforcement and extra sealing on mulled windows 

    Multi-glass window units (mulled windows) come with a steel reinforcement bar inside the frame, and steel reinforcement plates on top of the frame. This keeps the window straight over time with minimal to no adjustments needed and increases the security of the window. 

    Plus, all our window styles feature true multi-chamber design, which also improves sound insulation, reduces the risk of warping, and contributes to superior structural performance and integrity. 

    Push down the window screen

    Our casement windows come outfitted with a push-down screen — it’s super easy to take out and put back in when you are doing spring cleaning and want to wash your windows. No more struggling with trying to fit every corner of the screen in the window while the others pop out!

    This is a feature called a screen groove port design. BuildMart Windows are designed especially for awning and casement windows, the screen port gives you the price fit of the push-down screen. 

    Variety of colours, styles, trims, and finishes 

    Our STAGE windows come in 12+ different colour options, from classic white to rich brown, historical emerald green, and timeless black. Plus, you can customize a variety of interior and exterior finishes such as the hardware, which is available in 5 different colours. With our windows, you can also customize the brickmoulds, grills to match your architectural preferences, casings, and jambs which give you the option to add decorative mitered corner casings or rosettes. For bathrooms, you can choose a privacy glass and you can even change its colour! 

    Every window is paint-to-order for your design specifications and made custom-to-order for your specific size requirements. 

    Thanks to these 10 benefits, we can safely say Buildmart windows are the top vinyl windows on the market today! What windows style and colour will you choose? We are so excited to see what you will come up with and how much you will love your new windows in your home. Contact us to get a quote, including an energy rebate assessment.  

    For a limited time, you can upgrade your double-glazed windows from us to a triple-glazed set for free!

    In the market for new windows? Awesome! New windows increase the value of your home and make you feel more comfortable by keeping out drafts and noise. Plus, your home will instantly look refreshed. 

    But not all windows are created equal and choosing which windows to purchase for your home can be overwhelming — selecting the right windows, and a reputable supplier and installer is not for the faint of heart. 

    With our 16+ years of experience in Ottawa’s windows and doors industry, we’ve seen firsthand the mistakes homeowners make. Here are the most common mistakes during buying windows to avoid and how to make the whole process easier.

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  • Not researching the brand and manufacturer’s reputation

  • Over concentrating on the window profile, while ignoring the glass unit and its energy efficiency

  • Not considering long-term costs

  • Thinking”I have a new home, it doesn’t need new windows”

  • Falling in love with the seller’s personality 

  • Thinking there is such a thing as a standard window

  • Not considering the warranty

  • Thinking that windows are a simple product

  • Not checking for proper installation

  • Not considering the type of material used

  • 1. Not researching the brand and manufacturer’s reputation

    Imagine you’re buying a new car — you’re gonna go to dealerships, test drive a few models, ask your friends about their cars, and probably read Google reviews. 

    The same due diligence should be applied to buying your new windows. Since it’s a purchase you’re only gonna make once every 25 years or so, investing a bit of time can save you a lot of hassle and headache. Unfortunately, all too often we’ve seen homeowners trusting sellers right off the bat without talking to people or reading reviews first. 

    At Buildmart, you can check out our reviews on Homestar, Google, and Facebook, talk to our past clients, and see our reputation for yourself. Every company you consider should be able to provide the same.

    2. Over-concentrating on the window profile, while ignoring the glass unit and its energy efficiency

    Of course, choosing the window UPVC profile — what your window looks like and how it fits into the external design of your home — is an important decision. Whether you opt for low-profile, multi-chambered, or high-profile, our STAGE windows offer reinforced UPVC profiles for improved thermal regulation and structural integrity. 

    BUT, the profile is only 7% of the window, while the remaining 93% is all glass! It’s the glass unit that does the heavy lifting of insulating your home and creating the perfect comfortable temperature and quiet environment. Consider triple pane windows filled with argon and krypton gas which reduce the window’s heat conductivity and translate directly into saving on energy bills for you.

    3. Not considering long-term costs

    It’s tempting to choose the most cost-effective windows and call it a day. Unfortunately, in our experience, these windows don’t last and require a lot of post-installation maintenance. 

    Coupled with the mistake of not vetting your installers, homeowners end up chasing contractors to fix a problem from months ago. In the end, you are spending a lot more than if you chose a high-end product in the beginning.

    air leak between the window and window frame in lower-end window ( 10 mistakes in buying windows)
    Example: in this lower-end window, we see an air leak between the window (ie., thermal pane) and window frame, which is resulting in excessive frosting and conde.

    At Buildmart, we do it right, once and for all. Our windows last you decades with no post-installation maintenance needed. By choosing a quality product and installation team upfront, you are not only purchasing high-end windows, but you are also investing in a lifetime of peace of mind where you won’t have to think about your new windows again. It’s worth it!

    4. Thinking “I have a new home, it doesn’t need new windows” 

    Very big mistake. Time to learn about construction grade and replacement grade windows! 

    While your new build will technically have “new” windows compared to old homes with wooden frames, builders install the cheapest possible windows to cut down on their own costs. You may notice this with other things too — most new homes will have the most affordable countertops, white fridges, stoves, etc. 

    Even in “premium” homes with stainless steel machines and fancy finishes, you could still have the most basic windows. These are what we call construction-grade windows. 

    They often lead to problems with condensation, leaking, and drafts just a couple of years into homeownership, creating problems for new homeowners who were expecting a seamless turnkey solution. 

    Unfortunately, builders are often unhelpful in these instances, souring your entire experience with your new home, which instead should be a dream come true! 

    When you buy a new home, we recommend pairing this investment with upgrading your windows from construction grade to replacement grade so your home will actually last you decades with no issues. 

    Replacement grade windows are a higher-end product that offers superior energy efficiency with highly coveted ENERGY STAR and NAFS-11 certifications, which directly translate into reduced greenhouse gas emissions for the environment and lower energy bills for you.

    Replacement grade windows offer premium insulation, blocking unwanted heat and UV rays in the summer and maintaining a warm home in the winter, minimizing heat loss. Plus, triple-pane windows are the go-to solution on the market to block out loud noise from highways or busy intersections so you can enjoy your home in peace. 

    5. Falling in love with the seller’s personality 

    Any window seller, provided he has enough time, can convince you his product is the best. If the seller is responsive and communicates well, it’s just a part of the deal. And we don’t blame you! 

    It’s important to have proper sales representatives. 

    And a good salesperson can sell you anything. But the other part is the actual product they are selling. Don’t blindly trust the salespeople and the pretty words they say — it’s their job! — instead, use discernment and be sure to look into the company, the manufacturer, the reviews, and the reputation, and ask around for true opinions about the product. 

    Here at Buildmart, we always give our clients time to consider their options, ask questions, and we never pressure for a commitment until you are sure and have checked us out. 

    We pride ourselves on our values and ethics so even after the product is sold and the deal is done, we are here for you should you need any maintenance or have any follow-up questions. 

    6. Thinking there is such a thing as a standard window

    We get this very often from our clients. For some reason, most people think all windows are standard, and it’s easy to just buy a replacement window of the same size and kind. Actually, there are no standard windows! Every window is unique, having its width and height, as it’s tailored to perform a specific function in the house. 

    Of course, there are the most common types of windows like awning, casement, hung, curved, bay, and bow, but the size will still be unique to your home. 

    That’s why taking careful measurements is a very important step in our process. We then send the measurements to our manufacturer, who custom-makes every single window to be the perfect fit in your home. We don’t have a supply of windows on hand since each one has to be cut individually and created, just for you! 

    7. Not considering the warranty 

    Not all windows are created equal. Having a 20+ years warranty (or a lifetime warranty) on windows is usually a strong indication that this is a quality window. Don’t accept anything less. 

    Just as your installers need to have insurance, your windows need to have a warranty. If a warranty is not offered, your alarm bells should go off since this likely indicates a lower-quality product. For example, we offer a 20-year warranty on glass, a 15-year warranty on hardware, 15 years on paint, and a lifetime transferable and non-prorated warranty on frames & installation! That’s how much we stand behind our team and our work. 

    8. Thinking that windows are a simple product

    While it may seem really straightforward to get new windows, you will be surprised by how many choices you will have to make! 

    We think this is exciting because you can truly customize your new windows.

    Do you want bay windows? Bow windows? Awning windows? Hung windows? 

    And what colour do you want them to be? Black? White? Cashmere? Chestnut Brown? 

    With Antique Brass paint-to-order European hardware? Or Brushed Nickle? Standard White? 

    There are infinite combinations, to make your new windows truly a perfect fit for your home. 

    Take your time to understand what you need! And we are here to help guide you every step of the way or make recommendations. 

    9. Not checking for proper installation

    OK, so we’re good on the windows. But the windows aren’t the only thing to choose carefully, they still need to be installed on your home and it’s a job that can make or break your entire windows experience. If installed properly, your windows will last you a lifetime, and literally, decades without much maintenance needed. If installed poorly, you’ll have immediate issues with your new windows.

    Make sure you check the reputation of your installers and verify the quality with your windows company — this is hugely important to make good on your investment into new windows. Good windows and bad installation unfortunately mean bad windows. Protect your investment!

    10. Not considering the type of material used

    Besides the unique window size, the type of window you like, and its colour, it’s also key to consider the type of material used in your new windows for the longevity of both function and cosmetic look. Are your windows virgin vinyl (UPVC) or reground (also called recycled) vinyl?

    Virgin UPVC doesn’t fade over time and maintains its colour better, while vinyl containing reground PVC is cheaper but fades out quicker and can crack, warp, and become brittle over time. While both are sound modern solutions, virgin UPVC will maintain the bright white colour for decades while reground UPVC can irreversibly turn yellow or blue in the sun and alter the look of your home. 

    Our STAGE windows are manufactured from 100% lead-free durable virgin UPVC for the best quality on the market. With extra vinyl and heavy-duty reinforcements, the windows will maintain their structural integrity and, thanks to the virgin UPVC, their colour for decades to come. 

    Contact us to get a quote for window replacement in the Ottawa area!