Double Front Doors

We install double front doors in Ottawa and other nearby cities. If quality and durability are the top priorities for your door, then Buildmart is your best choice.

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There is a certain splendour associated with double front doors. They make entryways broader and easier to get through.

Double front doors are not just a way to expand the doorway but they also make a great design statement.

If you have the space for it, modern double front doors can add to the value and aesthetic of your home. It is also a way for the homeowner to show off their personality. You don’t want to blend in with your neighbours in a suburb. After all, exterior double front doors are the face of your property!

Let’s find out more about what double front entry doors in Ottawa are and why you should install them in your home.

What Are Double Front Doors?

Double front doors are made by combining two regular doors, which can open simultaneously or independently. The convenience comes from having the option to open up the doors simultaneously if you ever need the extra space for moving, or if you are hosting a party or an event at your home. Opening both double front doors is also great for accessibility. 

The doors are hinged on opposite sides, meeting in the middle where they can be opened and shut using the regular lock door, with the added benefit of bolts to secure one of them when it is not in use. 

Types of Double Front Doors

When choosing a type of a double front door for your Ottawa home, you have several options that include:

Natural Woodgrain

Quality and high-end wooden doors have a look that other materials can only try to mimic. This material is the least likely to be dented or scratched and is also the easiest to repair. However, wood will need to be painted and varnished regularly to ensure it doesn’t rot from moisture or insect invasion.


Fibreglass is a great alternative to natural woodgrain for your entry doors. These materials are more resistant to wear and tear and less affected by extreme weather elements. Fibreglass can be made to look like wood and requires less upkeep.

Stains can be wiped off easily without risking water damage.

Stainless Steel

They are low-cost, robust, and weather-resistant. Customers prefer this option since it is less expensive than wood or fibreglass. However, dents are difficult to repair, and while the door is coated for rust resistance, scratches must be addressed promptly, or rust will infiltrate steel doors, which essentially ruins the door.


Aluminum is a durable and energy-efficient option for a cleaner look. Because of the material, the doors are pretty low maintenance and can be given a wood-mimicking stain for the same elegance wooden double front doors have.  


Composite iron is an excellent material that looks and feels old-fashioned if you want a medieval look. Iron is sturdy and can withstand wear and tear far better than wood. To add intricacy, iron double front doors with glass or other patterns/carvings can be installed to offset the bland look of plain doors. 

Benefits and Features of Double Front Doors

Double front doors are characterized by several features built into them by the manufacturers to fulfill the end user’s needs.

1. Access

A double front door makes it easier to access a residence. The expanded entrance allows for more efficient loading and unloading of various items. Consider the advantages when it comes to purchasing and transporting furniture.

In contrast with a single entry, the proportions of a beloved couch become less pressing with twin doors.

2. Curb appeal

Double front doors give a property the appearance of a mansion or large residence; they enhance a home’s scale.

Aesthetically, the double door’s symmetry is also appealing. Many of us aren’t sure why the double doors catch our eye. We think it’s an illusion of spaciousness created by double front doors in Ottawa.

3. Energy efficiency

When looking for EnergyStar ratings, which need testing and certification, buyers can be sure of high-quality and energy-efficient replacement units. Detailed information is available on the EnergyStar website to guide prospective buyers. We recommend replacing your old doors with new iterations to save as much energy as possible.

4. Security

Double front doors give you more access to your house, which may compromise your home’s security since the broad doors become easy entry points for would-be burglars. With proper door installation, though, you can minimize the risk significantly. Reinforcements make the doors almost impenetrable, offering enhanced security. Every door installed by Buildmart is offered with default multi-point lock system and steel reinforcements. Your safety is our top priority.

Replacement and Installation of Double Front Doors

Buildmart provides our clients with access to a skilled group of installation professionals that will swiftly and efficiently install your double front doors without sacrificing quality. Depending on your needs, we can assist you with purchasing and installing your new door(s).

If you already have doors installed that need to be removed and replaced with pre-built or bespoke double front door variants, we can help.

We have to note that a Canadian professional service installation offers the full benefits of doors energy efficiency. Most air loss occurs around the doors instead of through them, therefore, the need for a perfect installation. 


Finding a reliable provider AND installer in Ottawa might be a challenge if you are looking for double front doors. At Buildmart, we not only install modern double front doors but also work with reputable door manufacturers to ensure that you get the best. We stock high-quality doors from Dimensions, Ostaco, STAGE, and many others.


Today’s double front doors in Ottawa are never dull, thanks to a plethora of shades available for homeowners to choose from. Regardless of the colour that you need for your double front door, at Buildmart, we have something for you to complement your home’s existing colour palette.

Nevertheless, if you need a custom-made hue, we will be happy to help you find a unique colour.


What are the benefits of having a double front door?


When double front doors are combined with the layout of the windows and the design of the front façade, they create a seamless harmony. They provide an inviting atmosphere for a larger house while giving an expansive vibe to a smaller one.

What size is a double front door?


A double-door entryway can be as big as you want. However, the standard size is usually 72 by 80 inches, or double the width of a single front door.

Are double front doors secure?


They can be very secure. However, installation is key to ensuring that all the security features integrated into modern double front doors are helpful to you.

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