Fiberglass doors

Fiberglass front doors are incredibly strong and durable, resisting warping, dents, and rot. Get in touch with us today for more information about our services.

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The look, sound, and feel of wood are unique, which is why fiberglass doors and other materials race to try and mimic that.

The good news is that the manufacturers have, for the most part, figured it out and now offer very realistic fiberglass wood grain exterior door options that anyone would have a hard time realizing are not made of wood.

The fiberglass doors are exceedingly durable since they are made using the same glass-reinforced polymers found in surfboards and airplanes. The doors present an exciting option for homeowners who want resistance to fire and insects.

What are fiberglass doors?

Fiberglass doors are doors made using fiberglass, a reinforced plastic material. The material is made up of woven fabric integrated with glass fibers randomly laid across each other and bonded together with a gluing substance. The material is combined with resin to make a durable and robust composite.

Fiberglass entrance doors are a replacement for a home feature that has traditionally been made out of wood.

In an eco-conscious world where conserving trees is a big part of what we can do to minimize climate change effects, fiberglass doors Canada residents have discovered an alternative that does not compromise on the things we look for in a door, and maybe even one-upping wood.

Typically, fiberglass doors are made of:

  • Stiles that are made of wood or composite material;
  • Interior material consisting of foam insulation;
  • An outer layer of a moulded fiberglass skin;
  • Rails at the top or bottom are made of wood or composite.

Features of fiberglass doors

The most notable fiberglass features include:

1. Energy efficiency

Fiberglass is not just solid; it also can resist heat transfer. Even black fiberglass door options perform very well compared to other materials. Energy efficiency is vital to eco-conscious homeowners who want to save money on energy bills. 

2. Durability and stability

The fiberglass material used to make fiberglass doors is exceptionally durable and does not have to deal with the problems wood may have. Wood doors, for instance, may peel, chip, or crack, and because of their positioning (exterior-facing), moisture from snow, rain, or other sources can get in the cracks and cause the door to rot or degrade.

Without varnishing, paint, and other treatments, wood doesn’t have the lasting power fiberglass does. So, if you live in a harsh Canadian climate or very dry places, fiberglass presents the most reasonable option.

3. Low maintenance

Because of the material used to make them, fiberglass entry doors can withstand the elements and challenges most doors face. They do not require varnishing or other maintenance action, other than wiping, to ensure that they are in good working condition and remain functional for a long time.  

4. Customizability

Fiberglass doors come in a variety of finishes that can be picked depending on appearance, colour, or size to make sure that they can fit into your intended project. You can easily match your overall design with custom fiberglass options that include anything from fiberglass double entry doors with glass to solid doors with just the handle. 

5. Aesthetic appeal.

Fiberglass doors stay functional for a long time and require minimal maintenance. However, one of the striking features of these doors is that they mimic wood. They are the best materials set to phase out wood for ecological and practical reasons. The look is purposeful and has been paired with engineering ideas to make even the door’s thunk sound so realistically like wood that it takes close inspection to figure out it’s actually fiberglass.  

Replacement and installation of fiberglass doors

Buildmart offers its customers access to a trained staff of installation experts who will get your fiberglass patio doors into position quickly, without sacrificing quality. We can help you find and install your new door(s) depending on what you envision.

We provide professional services of replacement if you already have doors installed that you need to be taken out to replace with pre-built or custom fiberglass doors variations.

With many years of experience, you can bet we’ll do a better and quicker job compared to a DIY job. When it comes to exterior fiberglass door installations, you want the assurance that it will do an excellent job of protecting you. A single mistake in your DIY process can be counterproductive, so we encourage you to only opt for DIY if you are confident about it.

Get in touch with us today for the replacement or installation of your interior or exterior fiberglass doors with ease. 


If you are looking for “fiberglass doors near me,” you might find it challenging to find a reliable door provider. At Buildmart, we not only install modern fiberglass doors but also work with the best door makers and suppliers, such as STAGE, Ostaco, Novatek, Dimensions company, etc., to bring the best quality to our clients.

The fiberglass doors that we provide are sturdy and designed to provide not only security but also great functionality. 


Fiberglass doors come in many colours and can even be painted or stained to match what you already have. Some colours commonly available include primary colours (white, black, green, red, etc.), portobello, parchment, smoke grey, sage, frost blue, and more. 


Should I consider a fiberglass door for replacement?


In addition to requiring little care, fiberglass doors are incredibly durable. They don’t scratch or dent like a wood or steel door, making them an excellent choice for your front door, which serves as a barrier separating your home and the outdoors.

Is it necessary to paint a fiberglass door?


Fiberglass doors and sidelights can have a smooth or textured wood-grain finish. This material doesn’t normally need to be primed but can be painted.

Is it better to paint or stain a fiberglass door?


Paint, not stain, should be used to finish fiberglass front doors exposed to direct sunlight. Staining textured exterior fiberglass doors is preferable. However, any finish can be used. If you prefer the look of wood over that of fiberglass, staining might help you achieve that effect.

Do fiberglass doors warp when exposed to heat?


The heat from the sun, for example, might cause your door to fade. Consider placing your door away from areas that receive a lot of heat. You can choose a lighter-coloured door if you can’t alter the location.

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