Sliding Patio Doors

We install sliding patio doors in Ottawa and other nearby cities. If quality and durability are the top priorities for your door, then a Buildmart door is your best choice.

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Regular doors just don’t achieve the best outcome for the homeowners who want to sync their outdoor and indoor spaces. Sliding patio doors offer a great way to have functional doors and a floor-to-ceiling view of your deck, backyard, or patio.

So, if you are looking for door styles that let in plenty of light, create space, and open up your home’s layout, sliding patio- and double sliding patio door near me designs may be the way to go. 

What are sliding patio doors?

Two huge glass door panels make up the sliding glass patio doors. Instead of swinging open, each panel glides smoothly on a track into the wall or over other additional but static panels.

The design allows homeowners to be more creative with their interior decoration, providing more usable space on their patio and inside the house.

The big glass panes of a patio sliding door let in a lot of natural light while also providing unimpeded views of the outside. This makes the room look much larger than it is. Sliding glass doors are simple to use because of how they are engineered, making them perfect for any home.

These doors come in a variety of wood, fibreglass, and vinyl finishes and configurations that include:

  • 2-panel sliding patio door;
  • 3-panel sliding patio door;
  • 4-panel sliding patio door.

The options are made to accommodate varying needs and budgets.

In addition to all that, the doors also improve the aesthetic of a house, making it look stylish and modern.

Types of sliding patio doors

Sliding doors come in various types that span different building styles and engineering architecture. The most common options include:

1. Traditional sliding patio doors

Traditional sliding doors are engineered with two glass panels, but only one of them opens. The single sliding patio door can be opened by sliding to the left or right. Their simple and sturdy practicality pairs well with their large glass panels, which provide spectacular, unobstructed views of your property and make it simple to link your house and yard.

Their timeless charm is undeniable, and they’re simple to install, so you can savour the smooth flow across your house and yard in no time.

2. French sliding patio doors

A French-style door looks like conventional swing French doors, with broader stiles and tracks.

3. Pocket (multi-slide) patio doors

A pocket door is a sliding door that, when opened, almost disappears into a space in the surrounding walls or glides over the property’s outer side.

Pocket doors are becoming increasingly popular in most Canadian homes. These architectural marvels are a trendy, modern choice for those wishing to create an architectural highlight and add some glam factor to their expansion or new house.

4. Stacking patio doors

These wall systems look like Pocket-type doors, except they slide to one side and pile together. They don’t vanish into the adjacent walls. They have multiple panels and feature designs like the triple sliding patio door in Ottawa.

5. Custom sliding patio doors

Custom designs for customers with specific needs are also popular. Instead of using the established templates, you can get configurations that work for your space or particular needs with custom sliding patio screen doors and even incorporate a dog door for your pet. 

Features of sliding patio doors

Sliding patio door Canada’s residents can get are characterized by several features that are part of the design and advantageous to users.

Sliding doors are:

1. Easy to operate

As the name suggests, opening them does not involve some kind of swinging or hinges. You need to push to the side in the correct direction, and the doors will move. That means the space can be opened up whenever needed to connect your indoors to the outside with light and views.

2. Space-saving

Regular doors require a set space that is the length of the door. Because of that, you can’t put anything directly behind the door since it will impede the movement of how far it opens, requires a doorstop, and eats up space.

However, the room opens up drastically with sliding patio doors while taking up only the space a closed-door would. The sliding patio doors still take less space than hinged ones, even when stacked.  

3. Security

Sliding patio doors are secure and come with various locks that optimize strength. They include foot bolts and shoot bolts for extra security.

4. The view

The sliding patio doors save space and offer energy efficiency (especially when cooling a building during the summer months). They are also compatible with multiple home designs, offering a view of the outside that is not rivalled by any other door type. 

Replacement and installation of sliding patio doors

At Buildmart, we not only provide a variety of doors and a vast catalogue of different styles, builds, and materials, we also offer a professional service for installing a sliding patio door in any configuration.

How do you know when to get your replacement sliding patio door? Here are some clues:

  • difficulty opening;
  • drafts or leaking air;
  • fog in the glass;
  • dipping energy efficiency.

Call us today to get your sliding patio door installation in Ottawa done right by a professional company!


Our Buildmart catalogue is stocked with a variety of great sliding patio doors from renowned and established manufacturers such as Dimensions, STAGE, Ostaco, WindowsPro, Gentek, Novatech, and others.

All our products are sturdy, reliable, and conform to the highest security and functionality standards.


Sliding doors or French doors: which is better?


Sliding doors are more secure, easier to operate and provide more space-saving options. Although French doors provide additional ventilation, they can cause space, mechanical, and energy-efficiency difficulties.

Which sliding glass door is the most suitable?


Sliding doors come in various materials, including vinyl, fibreglass, and aluminum.
Vinyl sliding patio door near me options are inexpensive, long-lasting, and won't rust.
Fibreglass patio doors are not only attractive but are also durable.
Aluminum patio doors provide a clean and contemporary appearance.
Wood sliding patio door options bring the elegance and richness only timber possesses.

Where do sliding glass doors operate best?


In small spaces and regions where your furniture is near the entryway, sliding glass doors are ideal. Unlike hinged doors, sliding patio doors do not require extra space to open and close.

What is the difference between sliding and French doors?


French doors are hinged on the side and may swing in or out, depending on the room's needs. They are a classic choice that gives the space an exquisite vibe. Sliding patio doors open and close on a track, so they don't take up any extra space. These doors give the house a more modern look.

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