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When it comes time to replace your windows and doors in Ottawa, you need to get your replacement units from a reputable window and door manufacturer. The doors and windows supplier you choose to work with can be the main determinant of the success of your replacement project. And Buildmart understands this.

We know that choosing the right door and window manufacturer can be overwhelming for most homeowners. However, if you know the qualities to look for, the entire process can be something you would like to do repeatedly.

Door Manufacturer Credibility

Who wants to deal with a company they cannot trust? You should make sure that the company you consider working with actually does what it claims to do.  To know that, you should ask for the license and necessary insurance — workers’ compensation and liability insurance.

Going to the company’s website will also give you more ideas about the company. Read customers’ testimonials and reviews of past clients and know their experiences. Check sites such as Yelp and Trustpilot and get the company’s average rating. Also, know the period the firm has been operating and its success rate.

Quality Installation

Any reputable window and door manufacturer company should offer top-notch installation services to its clients. Buying high-quality modern home doors and windows doesn’t guarantee you excellent performance unless those windows and doors are professionally installed. The rule of thumb is to avoid hiring subcontractors because they are usually paid according to the number of windows they install. This motivates them to install as many units as possible with little regard to the quality of installation and details. Always hire windows installers with a lot of experience and can show proof of their past work.

Professional Service

The doors and windows replacement project is a great undertaking, and you want to be sure, the window and siding supplier near me you choose will be there from the start to the end of your project. You don’t want a company that will entice you with great deals, and once you are in, they cut off communication!

So, evaluate their communication lines, from the top management to the salesmen. Does the company return emails, calls, and texts promptly? Do they offer satisfactory answers to your questions? Do they pressure you to choose their products/services?

Trusted Doors & Windows Supplier for Builders and Contractors in Ottawa

Choosing a reputable windows and doors manufacturer near you can be a daunting task. However, with Buildmart, you have a credible, long-serving company with unparalleled customer service and a wide selection of products to choose from. Our windows, doors, and siding installers have amassed years of experience in handling a plethora of installation projects across the Ottawa region.

We value the long-term personal relationships built with our Canadian clients through mutual respect and high-quality work.

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