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Buildmart has been in the door and window industry for more than 15 years. Therefore, we can confidently say that renovation & construction projects no longer hold any secrets for us!

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Unparalleled Fiberglass Doors in Stittsville & Kanata from Buildmart

Looking for new and efficient windows, doors, or siding? The team at Buildmart will take good care of your project, supplying you with the most efficient and modern windows and doors. Professional windows/doors installation is just as important – and we’ll take care of that for you as well.

If you search for Kanata and Stittsville doors and windows supply, then look no further than Buildmart. We now have a location near any interested clients in and around Kanata and Stittsville. Our office is located at: 430 Hazeldean Rd #227, Kanata, ON K2L 1T9, Canada.

We specialize in supplying homeowners & builders with replacement grade windows, doors & siding. On top of that, we consult them on selecting the right type of product, installing new products, and replacing worn down or old, damaged or inefficient windows & doors.

We have been selling and installing windows, doors, and siding for more than 15 years. We have the experience needed to effectively handle any renovation and construction project.

Kanata & Stittsville Siding, Windows, and Doors

Our primary focus is supply, sales, and installation of windows, doors, and siding in the Ottawa region. So, if you live in Kanata or Stittsville and want to search for “siding, windows, and doors near me,” we invite you to talk to us about both the product and its installation.


Buildmart offers everything from casement to awning windows from leading suppliers in the Canadian market, including Dimensions, Gentek, STAGE, WindowPro, and more. With this diverse list of suppliers, our customers can find all types of windows for any new or renovation project.

We lean heavily on high-quality Stittsville windows and fiberglass foors, a diverse selection of colours, styles, frames, and an aesthetic that is functional and pleasing to the eye. Our catalogue includes:

  • pictured, 
  • shaped, 
  • bay & bow, 
  • double-hung, 
  • single-hung, 
  • sliding, 
  • fixed, 
  • awning, and 
  • casement windows.


Exterior doors are the face and protection of a home. From those working on becoming homeowners to homeowners who want to improve their doors, we have something for every project.

When it comes to entry doors, we focus on finding the most energy-efficient, sturdy, and aesthetically pleasing selections that are inviting, comfortable, and dependable. Our door selection comes in materials designed to withstand the impact of the environment and protect your home for a long time.


Excellent Stittsville and Kanata siding choices offer your home protection and elevate aesthetics. Siding protects your home from ice, rain, snow, and even hail in our primarily cold climate. With a wide variety of siding to choose from, the decorative elements of your house come together cohesively in a complete look.

Whether you are working on a new project or have existing siding that’s cracking, flaking, or fading, our catalogue provides you with choices of materials and styles, including vinyl, fibre cement, and steel.

Stittsville & Kanata Windows and Doors Additional Services

In addition to windows/door sales, we also have experienced experts on our staff who assist customers with installation, replacement, and renovation.


The usefulness of magnificent Stittsvile doors, windows, or siding relies entirely on the skills of the installation expert. The siding, door, and window installation Kanata and what Stittsville residents expect is something we understand. Our 15 years have prepared us for the high standards we know our customers have. So, when looking for “window installers near me” in Kanata or Stittsville, Buildmart stands ready with the experts to install what you need.

We are big fans of the DIY community members but recommend using experts who have installed hundreds, if not thousands, of Kanata windows, doors, and siding to do the job. It will look better, take less time, and stand up to scrutiny. When searching for “doors, windows, and siding contractors near me” or even “door installation near me” in Kanata and Stittsville, Buildmart stands ready with installation experts.


Time takes its toll on everything, including a house’s door, siding, and windows. When the time to replace them comes, you have to consider what goes with your home, decorations, location, and more.

Our local establishment has the experts to meet the standards of the door, siding, and window replacement Kanata and Stittsville residents expect. Combining our carefully selected products with the expertise of our experienced staff, you can install whatever you need and be sure that it will stand the test of time. 


Renovation presents an opportunity for any home or property owner to create a new look, preserve an old one or upgrade their features to modern standards. For instance, one can create energy efficiency using modern Stittsville siding, doors, and windows to control the indoor climate.

We have spent the past 15 years in the industry learning what there is to know about what it entails, upgrading to the latest technology, and providing our customers with access to the best choices available. When you want to refurbish a property and need windows, doors, and/or siding, Buildmart has both the products and experts to serve you for years.

Our work

Buildmart has been serving the Canadian market for the past 15 years. We are a homegrown outfit specializing in the best doors, windows, and siding for Canadian homes. We have a wide variety of products and a staff of experienced experts to install them if you prefer not to DIY.


Having spent more than a decade and a half in the doors, windows, and siding market, we have had the pleasure of working with and for various clients, many of whom have been engaged enough to share their thoughts about the results of our professional service. 

You can check out their thoughts and details (in some reviews) on what we were contracted to do on HomeStars and Google.

Contact us

If you have a project, you would like to appraise, inspect, renovate, or just a new installation of doors, windows, and siding to do, we, at Buildmart, will be with you every step of the way. From our catalogue, you will find the products you need and from our staff the expertise to take advantage of the latest technologies and building standards.

Get in touch with us today on our official website. For Kanata and Stittsville residents, our office on 430 Hazeldean Rd #227, Kanata, ON K2L 1T9, Canada, is open for consultation if you prefer to meet with us in person. 

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