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CanExel siding is available in different styles, textures, colours, and finishes. Shop at Buildmart for the best CanExel siding to suit any project perfectly. Get your free estimate on selected items.

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CanExel siding is a siding product manufactured from wax, resin, and wood. It’s a highly durable engineered wood siding that is resistant to moisture.

Types of CanExel Siding: Features and Installation

Ridgewood D-5 Ultra Plank Ced’R-Vue VStyle
Texture Deeply textured with a signature wood grain appearance. Deeply textured with a signature wood grain appearance. Deeply textured with a signature wood grain appearance. Trendy and modern profile with a contemporary look.
Installation Installation is only done horizontally. Installation can be done diagonally or vertically. Horizontal installation only Horizontal and CanExel vertical siding installations.
Appearance It consists of 12ft boards, distinguished by the central groove that imitates the appearance of a pair of 5-inch boards. It consists of deeply grooved 12-inch planks (width), creating the effect of a pair of 4 ¾ inch planks for a contemporary or traditional look. It consists of 12ft boards moulded into a 9-inch lap for a traditional assembly appearance effect. Each 12ft board covers 11sq. Ft
Length 12 ft. (3.66 m) 12 ft. (3.66 m) 12 ft. (3.66 m) 12 ft. (3.66 m)
Nominal Width 12 in. (30.48 cm) 12 in. (30.48 cm) 6 in. (15.24 cm 12 in. (30.48 cm)
Nominal Thickness 7/16 in. (1.11 cm) 7/16 in. (1.11 cm) 3/8 in. (0.95 cm) 7/16 in. (1.11 cm)

Features and Benefits of CanExel Siding

The following are a few of the multiple benefits of CanExel siding:

  • Superior quality: CanExel siding is a perfect choice when you want a long-term investment. Depending on the installation and supply company, this siding will typically have a 25-year warranty.
  • Dramatically boosts your home’s appearance: Due to the range of stylish and customizable looks, CanExel siding is a guaranteed investment that increases a home’s curb appeal. The siding is available in various colours and styles.
  • Low maintenance costs: The moisture-resistant nature of CanExel siding eliminates the risk of mould settling in, which would otherwise cause damage. All you need is a simple wash once the siding gets dirty.

Why Choose Us?

To get the full benefits of Canex siding, the installation must be done by a professional. is a CanExel Ottawa siding contractor with professional installation services.

We buy our sidings from leading Canadian manufacturers, so our clients are assured of high quality and durability.

Our Canex siding has unique design technology in its manufacturing to allow weather resistance through heat control and prevent water absorption. We have years of experience in accessorizing homes in Ottawa, with a proven record of excellence. We are available Monday to Friday; call us today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Find Canexel Siding For Sale Near Me?


There are many CanExel manufacturers in Ottawa, and having the product on sale is not always an assurance of quality. Contact Buildmart, a CanExel supply and installation company near you with years of experience, to get a favourable price and quality installation.
Buildmart has bargaining power from buying in bulk, which allows them to supply and install at a lower price.

How Long Does Canexel Granite Siding Last?


CanExel granite siding has a high weather resistance ability with a warranty of not less than 15 years.

What Does Canexel Siding Look Like?


Visually, CanExel is nearly identical to natural wood, with engraved grooves on its surface. Sometimes, you may mistake it with would until you look at it closely.

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