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Buildmart offers top-rated double pane windows in Canada. Discover more about professional double pane windows replacement in Ottawa.

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If you want your home to be energy efficient, soundproof, and well-insulated, choose the double-pane glass window installation or replacement. There’s a growing need to live in increasingly green homes, which saves Canadian homeowners money on energy bills while limiting energy use, and the double-pane windows are a great solution!

The old generation of single-paned windows with a single sheet of glass has been replaced by the more modern and energy-efficient double-pane windows. No more drafts and noisy highway! 

What Are Double-pane Windows?

A window with two panes of glass fitted into each frame is called a double-pane (or double pane) window. The two glass panes are separated by a slight gap, which creates an air pocket that helps insulate your home thanks to the dense Argon and Krypton gases filling the pocket. The surrounding temperature outside your house does not alter the interior air temperature because of this air pocket.

A desiccant is added to the space between the two panes to prevent moisture from accumulating. In Ottawa, where the weather can be ruthlessly harsh in both winter and summer, it is recommended that homeowners install double- or triple-pane windows to reduce energy costs and keep their home temperature comfortable and the home insulated from the outside elements.

Double-pane Windows Benefits & Features

The Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) assesses a window’s capacity to block solar radiation, whereas thermal transmittance (U-Values) shows energy efficiency and heat transfer rates in double-pane windows. Our STAGE Windows met and exceeded the new ENERGY STAR® standards certification requirements for SHGC and U-Values in the market, proving their high quality. 

Across the board, the features of wood, fibreglass, and vinyl double-pane windows include:

1. Energy efficiency and temperature stability

Carrying out a double-pane window replacement to take the place of a single pane of glass means that you get better energy efficiency since the windows keep temperatures reasonably constant. Installing energy-efficient double-pane windows means that you wouldn’t need to run your air conditioner constantly to maintain ideal temperatures.

You will notice you may save a significant amount on your energy utility bills in the long run since double-and triple-pane windows from Buildmart will last you for decades to come.

2. Eco-friendliness

A double-pane glass window presents a better option for your home and the environment. Because you use less energy when the temperatures are stable, it reduces your overall consumption, helping to reduce emissions.

For some homeowners, having double pane windows works in their favour, where rebates are given for making a home more energy-efficient.

3. Ambient noise reduction

Given the double pane window design, the air pocket created reduces the amount of noise transmitted from the outside into the home. Noise pollution negatively impacts sleep, mood, and productivity in general, so you want all that noise to be drastically reduced. Double- and triple-pane windows are one of the best solutions to block out sound. 

4. Value addition

Double-pane windows come with more benefits than regular windows, which means their value and utility are also higher—as such, using them on your home means that the value goes up, which comes in handy when reselling your home.

Styles and designs variety

Double-glazed window pane options are available in various designs and styles. They are equally alluring as single-paned windows in terms of aesthetics. The windows are more resistant to damage and will keep your property looking well-maintained for several years.

The curb appeal of your property will be improved when broken windows are replaced. When replacing your double-pane windows, choose a style and design that complements the general aesthetic of your home.

Replacement and Installation of Double-pane Windows

We provide a diverse selection of new double-pane windows in Ottawa to meet your specific requirements since all our windows are custom-made to order. You may choose the colour and design of your window frames to give your home a fresh new look. We work with the best manufacturers in Canada to source the best product.

However, choosing a brand is only one of several choices you must make. The other step is hiring the best window installers in Ottawa to install your double-pane windows. We marry a good installation with a good product!


Contact Buildmart to check out the product catalogue and consult our staff regarding what works best for your home.

We offer windows from reputable manufacturers such as WindowPro, STAGE, Ostaco, Dimensions, Gentek, and other well-known Canadian window manufacturers.

We’ve managed to establish trust and a track record of excellence over time to assist you in narrowing down your search for the best professional service and supply shop in Ottawa. 

A Variety of Colours

The most popular type of double pane window, uPVC, comes in a wide range of colours that include almost everything, from cream to rosewood and everything in between. The other material options are hardwood, softwood, composite, and aluminum, which may be painted in various colours before installation.  


What are the advantages of installing double pane windows in my home?


Double-paned windows provide a more secure barrier between you and the outside world. This added protection saves energy and keeps unwelcome noise at bay. Noise pollution can negatively affect your sleep, productivity, and mood. You may improve your health by reducing the amount of undesirable noise in your house. Besides, these windows improve your home's energy- efficiency and curb appeal.

What is the difference between double-pane and single-pane windows?


A quarter-inch or half-inch air gap is left between the panes of most double-pane windows. With spacers, the double panes are kept at a precise distance apart. The glass is also sealed, allowing a non-toxic insulation gas such as argon or krypton to be used to fill the gap. In single pane windows, this gap is not available. The lack of this vital insulation property makes single pane windows less energy efficient.

Do double pane windows make a big difference?


Compared to single-pane windows, double-pane windows provide better protection from the heat outside and keep temperatures in a house at stable levels, contributing to higher energy efficiency.

How much will double pane windows save in energy charges?


Energy Star studies indicate that replacing single-pane windows with double-pane options can save you 21% and 31% in air conditioning costs.

Do double pane windows help reduce noise?


Double pane windows significantly reduce the noise from the outside, but cannot match the superior noise reduction properties of triple-pane options.

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