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Buildmart offers the best hopper windows in Canada. We provide professional replacement and installation of hopper windows in Ottawa.

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Even if you may not immediately pull up an image of the hopper in your head when you see the name, it is likely that you live in a house with one or know what it looks like. Since your home loses more than 25% of its heating and cooling through windows, a third of the money spend on your energy bills literally goes out through your windows.

What are hopper windows, and how can they help you save money and control the conditions in your house? Let’s find out. 

What is a Hopper Window?

A hopper window, sometimes referred to by most homeowners as a hopper basement window in Ottawa (since they are primarily installed in basements), is often rectangular and opens inwards. Depending on the manufacturer, they can be hinged at the top or the bottom. That means the latch may be placed at the top or bottom.

However, the hopper windows don’t just serve the basement but work well as a ventilation option, installed high up the walls, near the ceiling. The windows may also be installed below or above picture windows for a more interesting design that still provides plenty of ventilation. 

Features and benefits of a Hopper window

After that description, you might be thinking, “Why does the hopper window sound a lot like an awning window?”

Well, you’re right. The design is very similar. However, these window types open in different directions. The hopper windows Canada buyers are familiar with the hopper’s inward-opening mechanism. For awning windows, it is the opposite. The awning windows open outward to form their own awnings. It’s how they get their name.

The hinges on awning windows will always be at the top so that it opens from the bottom and pushes out. That said, what are some features of a hopper window in Ottawa? 

1. Energy efficiency

Not only do hopper windows make it easy to ventilate rooms, but they are also often made with insulated glass for energy efficiency. If your basement is frequented and your HVAC system covers it too, you won’t have to keep it running for long to reach your preferred room temperature.

2. The opening mechanism

Hopper windows can open up to 90 degrees from their closed position, or only reach 45 degrees. The ones capable of opening all the way usually have hinges at the top to ensure they are better anchored.

Hopper windows have a small, lever-type handle used to open or shut the window, so it fits into a locking mechanism for security reasons.

3. Versatility

Hopper windows have found their calling outside the basements. They work well there but can be co-opted for the laundry room and bathroom for fresh air circulation into areas prone to mould growth.

They can also be installed above larger windows to let more natural light stream into a room while increasing air circulation. 


Manufacturers make hopper windows out of various materials for diversity and to cater to every client. That’s why you’ll find in the Buildmart catalogue different material types, including;

  • Aluminum hopper windows;
  • Vinyl hopper windows;
  • Fibreglass hopper windows;
  • Composite hopper windows;
  • Wood hopper windows.

The selections are sourced from reputable manufacturers, including WindowPro, STAGE, Ostaco, Dimensions, Gealan, Gentek, and many more. 

Replacement and installation of hopper windows

Buildmart offers top-of-the-line products and professional service personnel with the experience to do your hopper window replacement near me and installation. Depending on what colour scheme your project has, we can provide you with complementing options that fit in with the overall design.

In addition to hiring our services and diverse product catalogue, we also offer a free consultation to answer questions or assist in figuring out what would work best for your home needs.

Great colours selection

Our hopper windows come from manufacturers with a different lineup consisting of varying colours. You will find a variety of colours to fit in neutrally or stand out. For instance, we provide STAGE hopper windows in rich shades such as slate, sandalwood, sable, iron ore, cashmere, cream LG, black, and Dover grey.

There is no shortage of the colours you can opt for depending on the décor style you choose. You will most likely find one that works for you in our catalogue.

Contact us today to find out what you are looking for much faster. 


Where should I install hopper windows?


Hopper windows are well suited to spaces like a bathroom or basement, where they can provide light and air circulation without taking up too much space. They are also installed in powder and laundry for ventilation and lighting to discourage mould and mildew growth.

What is the difference between a hopper and an awning window?


Awning windows swing outward from the bottom to open and are hinged at the top. They form their own awnings because of this design, which is how they get their name. Hopper windows open into the house and can be hinged on top or at the bottom in some cases.

How do hopper windows work?


The primary function of a hopper window is to provide ventilation, especially in limited spaces such as basements. However, they can also be installed above or below regular windows to allow more sunlight and air. They open inward into the home and have a security system to help lock them from the inside for security.

Is it worth replacing basement windows?


Your basement is part of the house, and if it is used frequently or is part of the HVAC system, hopper window replacement near me is something you have to consider. The hopper windows keep your home as warm or cool as you need, preventing mould formation and keeping out moisture if it gets particularly frosty or rainy. A well-maintained basement also adds to the overall value of a house, which is why those windows are worth maintaining and replacing when necessary.

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