Privacy Glass Windows

Privacy glass is an excellent solution for windows in spaces that need a little extra style or privacy. Buildmart offers different privacy glass options with varying degrees of transparency and textures.

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Windows have remained the same over centuries, with a few exceptions, such as double glazing. However, this reality has changed recently. Glass manufacturers can now transform windows from clear to translucent! Given that the concept is relatively new, many only have a rough idea of how privacy glass windows work. Let’s explore the concept of privacy windows for your home in Ottawa

What Are Privacy Glass Windows?

As its name would suggest, a privacy glass window is a type of window where the glass is frosted, tinted, aid-etched, or sandblasted by the manufacturer. The manufacturer aims to obstruct the view through these windows. A layer is also added to privacy glass units to increase their privacy value without compromising their ability to transmit light. One of the most common uses for privacy glass windows is the bathroom—you want to maximize the light from your bathroom window without anyone looking inside. Frosted windows are also common in basements and bedrooms on the main floor of the building where neighbours or passerby can look in. 

Window Privacy Glass Options

Privacy glass windows are used when you need a little privacy in a room without obstructing the natural light from getting into your rooms. So, what options do you have when it comes to window with privacy glass

1. Frosted Glass Windows for Privacy

Frosted glass is the most common form of privacy glass. It’s what comes to mind when most people think of privacy windows installation. This type of glass is created by acid etching or sandblasting the surface of a glass pane to create pitted indentations.

The effect of the indentation is that it scatters light rays, making the surface of the glass window transparent.

Frosted glass is better suited for larger panes since it can achieve a broader range of opacity in the glass window, from a mild image distortion to heavily blurred glass.

2. Ground Privacy Glass Windows

During the end process of manufacturing this type of privacy glass, the surface of the glass is ground to break it up into smaller fragments. The surface is then sanded into smoothness. The finished product retains a matte texture that has a translucent quality.

Ground privacy glass tends to provide moderate privacy. It’s enough to obscure a detailed image, but anyone outside can generally make out the shapes, colours, and movements through it. Ground privacy glass is best suited for smaller surfaces.

3. One-way Privacy Glass Window

One-way privacy glass windows use the same principle a mirror does. The windows have an extremely thin metallic film that reflects some light (not all). The difference in light levels on the two sides of the glass, where one is light while the other is dark, causes the filmed surface to behave like a mirror on the side with light.

4. Textured Privacy Windows

As its name may imply, this privacy window has a textured surface. A pattern or design is engraved on the textured glass sheet during its manufacture. The patterned design causes light to diffuse, therefore deforming the view inside.

The advantage of textured privacy windows is that they also add a decorative touch. This kind of window adds privacy and can also complete interior design since there are many patterns and designs to pick from. 

Replacement and Installation of Privacy Glass Windows for Home

Buildmart offers a wide array of privacy glass windows from the top suppliers in Canada such as WindowsPro, Ostaco, Dimensions, Gentek, among other trusted manufacturers. Beyond supply, Buildmart offers professional installation services.

Our professional team has years of experience and will skillfully install your privacy glass windows as effectively as possible.

Visit us to select any style and design of the privacy glass windows you are looking for, and we will handle the rest. If you are renovating and need a replacement from your transparent windows, Buildmart also offers professional replacement services. Reach out to find out how we can help you. 

Manufacturers of Windows with Privacy Glass

Any buyer in the privacy glass window market wants to ensure that they have bought their glass window from a reputable company with professional service, dedication, and consistency in their manufacturing process. The delicacy required to manufacture long-lasting privacy glass windows is not a small feat.

You want a well-made final product that is an investment as it is a functional staple of your commercial space. The longevity of such an investment is essential, and the best way to get assurance is by working with an installation company that also supplies privacy glass windows.

Buildmart has supplied and installed privacy glass windows for years. Longevity in practice has armed us with a long line of past clients who can always reach out to confirm the functionality of the pieces they supplied. Contact us for a comprehensive look at what privacy glass windows would suit you best. 

Colours of Privacy Glass Windows

Combining your privacy glass windows with bold frame colours will make them the focal point of your structure. We stock windows of all shades to give you a rich pool to choose from. All the Buildmart windows are custom-made to order so you can tailor your new windows to your home. 


Do Privacy Glass Windows Function at Night?


While the reflective film in privacy windows highly enhances privacy during the day, the features do not offer as much privacy at night. This is primarily because they are made to obscure light coming from the outside. However, depending on the design, some such as frosted windows for privacy near me may still vague out the figures and objects inside at night.

How Long Do Privacy Glass Windows Last?


Under proper conditions, a privacy film will last up to 20 years and above. The difference in longevity largely depends on the quality of the materials used, the local climate, the window’s condition, and the installation method.

Where Can I get Privacy glass installation services in Canada?


There are multiple Canadian glass window installation services near you. Buildmart has a team of professionals that supply and install the best, modern, and high-quality privacy glass windows in Ottawa from leading manufacturers in Canada.

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