Single-Hung Windows

Single-hung windows slide up or down to provide ventilation. Browse options from Buildmart to find your ideal style.

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What Are Single-Hung Windows?

Single-hung windows are window constructions with a fixed top sash and a movable bottom sash that slides from the bottom. To open the window, the two sashes overlap, therefore maximizing the space around the window. This window style is normally installed in bedrooms and areas that receive high traffic, such as patio areas. Since the top sash remains stationary, a single hung window is suitable for spaces where the upper sash is located high up and mostly out of reach.

Providing timeless style and practicability, single-hung windows in Ottawa offer excellent ventilation and allow more natural light to enter your house. And because the top sash remains closed, these windows are energy efficient. Their operation is also effortless as all you need to do is slide the bottom sash to open and close the window.

The single-hung windows we provide to customers across Ottawa are adequately sealed and are waterproof. They are also secured with a multi-locking system to ensure the excellent security of your home. These windows are designed to serve you for a long time without fading, rusting, or cracking.

Features and Benefits of Single-Hung Windows

Why would anyone choose single-hung windows for their window replacement project in Ottawa? Here are the reasons:

  • Single-hung windows are easy to operate since you only need to slide the bottom sash to open and close the window.
  •  Single-hung windows allow natural light into your room and provide ventilation.
  • The cost of buying and installing single-hung windows is lower compared to its counterpart, double-hung windows.
  • The structure of a hung window is rather simple. This implies it can be repaired easily compared to other window styles with complicated accessories.
  • Easy installation. Thanks to their simplicity in their construction, single-hung windows are effortless to install. You can DIY your single-hung window installation project if you have some installation skills and the right tools.

Replacement and Installation of Single-Hung Windows

We offer professional service for the replacement and installation of single-hung windows across Ottawa. Our company experts understand their work and always aim for a quality installation. As such, they will inspect your home and advise you accordingly about the right type of replacement to carry out.

Our single-hung windows are engineered explicitly with the harsh climatic conditions of Canada in mind. This, coupled with high-quality installation, you are assured of an excellent window performance after installation.


The manufacturers and suppliers from which you get your single-hung units are essential. You would want to get your single-hung windows from experienced manufacturers with a long history of making them. That is also our mandate. We work with only licensed and professional window manufacturers in Canada.

When you buy replacement single windows near me from Buildmart, you know you are getting the best deals from renowned window suppliers such as Dimensions, STAGE, Ostaco, Gentek, among others. This wide selection of manufacturers guarantees a product collection of replacement and new construction windows that fulfill all your specifications.


At Buildmart, we have a wide selection of window colours you can choose from. Regardless of how unique your home colour palette is, you are sure to get a window to match that. Besides, you can opt for custom colours and make your home look as you wish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose a single window?


Since only the bottom sash moves and the other remains fixed, single-hung windows are ideal for homeowners looking for an affordable window in both replacement and repair.

Can I clean single-hung windows from the outside?


Yes. Since the bottom sash tilts in, you can clean both the exterior and interior surfaces inside your house. However, you would have to clean the outer surface of the top sash from the outside since it does not move.

How do single hung windows function?


In single windows, the bottom sash slides up to close and open the window while the upper sash remains fixed.

What is the difference between a double-hung window and a single-hung window?


The difference between these two window styles melts down to the number of sashes that move. While in single hung windows only the bottom sash moves, in double-hung windows both upper and lower sashes are operable.

Is a single-hung window more energy-efficient than a double-hung window?


Yes. This is because the window has a completely sealed and stationary sash, unlike in a double-hung window where all sashes move. The small spaces left between the sashes and frame when the window is closed could allow heat to escape in double-hung windows.

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