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Buildmart offers the best single pane windows in Canada. Professional installation of single-pane windows in Ottawa available.

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When we’re talking to our clients about single-pane windows, the topic usually revolves around removal and replacement with better windows. That’s not to say single-pane windows are bad per se, just inefficient in some aspects such as energy efficiency.

We now have windows in the market that offer better insulation, security, durability, and savings on energy costs. It makes economic sense to have them, in addition to all the perks one gets to enjoy with a high-tech window.

What are single pane windows?

Single pane windows Canada are made using one layer of glass. It comes in many shapes and forms. However, since it is just one layer, there is no adequate protection from the noise or fluctuations in temperature.

They cost less than double or triple-pane windows, making them an ideal option for homeowners who don’t want to break their bank balances on home renovations. Besides, if you live in regions where the environment is not too noisy, and temperatures are bearable and relatively stable you would want to opt for single glazed window units.

If the weather gets harsh (too cold or too hot), the air conditioning system will have to be on for longer to maintain ideal temperatures indoors (given the lack of insulation on single-pane windows), resulting in costly energy bills. 

Features and benefits of single pane windows in Ottawa

What characterizes a single-pane window? Well, most of it revolves around the fact that it is made out of a single pane of glass.  

1. They don’t always need a new frame

If you decide to replace your windows with single pane window units, you can still utilize the existing window frames and window sills. This is because these windows come with single glazing and can be installed in the existing window frame, unlike double-paned units that require a new window frame.

2. Ideal for hot climates

Double-hung windows may score in many aspects when compared to single-hung windows. However, when it comes to areas experiencing hot and tropical climates, single pane window in Ottawa is the king. In this climate, you don’t need to retain any heat in your home. This is where single-pane windows excel; since they are in direct contact with weather elements outside, all heat is lost, keeping your home cool.

On the flip side, there is an ugly side of single glazed windows. They include;

3. Lack of insulation

Single pane windows provide no insulation. The glass is usually not enough to stop heat loss or gain. The sun shining in can heat the home too fast and too much, while the escaping heat in the winter months leaves the homeowner chilly.

4. No noise protection

With a single pane of glass, all the noise outside passes through more easily. Living next to anything noisy, like a highway, an airport, or a loud venue, can become an inconvenience.

5. Requires modification to raise efficiency

As much as single pane glass is a pain for the homeowner, there are some things you can do about it. They won’t deliver results as good as those of a double or triple-pane window, but they will minimize the effects.

They include:

  • Applying insulation film. It is relatively cheap and takes about 20 minutes to apply. It has proven effective in preventing heat loss during winter.
  • Applying weather-stripping. The material is made of open-cell foam and resembles wall or attic insulation. The varieties come in laminate or vinyl that you can cut to fit the size of your window to a tee.
  • Applying spray foam. If you have too much space between the wall and the window, spray form works best when you can’t put in new moulding around the windows.
  • Use caulk and window sealant. Silicone and acrylic formulas form a considerable chunk of caulk or sealant brands you’ll find. They are not all the same but do an excellent job of patching up anywhere air could escape.
  • Install window dressings. Thermal window dressings do an exquisite job of acting as an insulator, and you can easily install them. Measure the windows first to get the correct size.
  • Hang thermal drapes. Apart from blocking out any nosey outsiders, drapes and curtains can keep in the heat from the sun during cold months and keep out the heat during hot months far better than a naked window.

These are not all the things you can do to augment single-pane windows. Whatever works for you is better than nothing, especially in harsh weather. 

Single pane window replacement near me and installation

We hope that our replacement and installation services serve you by taking out single pane sliding windows and putting in something with more protection. Even if you are replacing single pane windows with other single-pane windows, we stand ready to help you find reliable single-pane windows and replace them professionally. 


Choosing the best double or single pane wood windows for your Ottawa replacements can be daunting. However, we stock products from several reputable Canadian vendors and have a knowledgeable staff that will help you pick something suitable. Contact Buildmart to see what options are available. 

With quality windows from reputable manufacturers and suppliers such as WindowPro, STAGE, Ostaco, Dimensions, and Gentek company, you can be sure you will be doing just to your home.

We’ve managed to establish trust and a track record of excellence through time to assist you in narrowing down your search for professional service near you to replace your single pane aluminum windows.   

Range of colours

Depending on your home’s style, the exterior and interior, and your personal tests, we have an array of colours for you to choose from. We have all the basic colours (black, red and white), including any unique hue you would need to make your home stand out.


Is it still possible to buy single-pane windows?


Single-pane windows are no longer widespread in residences, but they were once prevalent. Single-pane glass is still used in many older homes but has fallen by the wayside, especially in places with harsh climates.
In addition, window-making technologies have improved drastically, making double-pane and triple-pane windows the standard for eco-conscious homeowners who want to save on electricity bills.

What can I do with my old single-pane windows?


If you just replaced your single-pane windows, there are several ways to upcycle them, including:
Using them as space dividers for small DIY projects;
Incorporating them into appropriately sized home fences;
Using them to make cabinet doors;
Building a tiny greenhouse;
Creating decorations in a garden;
Making stained-glass art;
Creating a DIY table of different colours…and more

Should I install single-pane windows today?


Single-pane windows are not suitable for most cases. Since single-pane windows were the standard, window technology has advanced significantly, and your single-pane windows are likely outdated and need replacement. They are not bad, per se, just obsolete.

Is it possible to insulate a single-pane window?


You can use window film to insulate single-pane windows if you need to install them or currently have them and can’t afford to replace them with double or triple-pane windows. This quick fix will add a layer of insulation to any window. A single-pane window with window film will not provide the same level of insulation as a double-pane window, but it will be superior to a single-pane window with no film.

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