New entry doors give homeowners many advantages from energy efficiency, to safety, to improving the curb appeal of your home. These will give your dwelling a unique appearance and will make it look inviting and comfortable to others.

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Quality doors

Our doors are built to protect you from Canadian winters with their advanced insulating materials. They also play an important role in securing your household with their added security features.

With a vast selection of options, we can help you customize a new door that will be perfect for your home. We install steel and fiberglass doors along with vinyl and aluminum sliding patio doors. These are customizable for every budget and preference, to achieve the elegant look you desire.

Our reliable suppliers include Dimensions, Dorplex, Entryguard, ARD, Novatech, Verre Select, Trimlite, Fusion and others. Given our wide selection of door suppliers, we’ve become the top choice for the residents of Ottawa, Barrhaven,Kanata, Orleans, Gloucester, Nepean and other nearby cities.

At Buildmart Windows and Doors, you can buy quality doors of absolutely any size, style and appearance. Our product selection doesn’t only include front doors, but also interior doors, aluminum storm doors, garden doors and other options. The most popular options are:

Steel entry doors

Buildmart Windows & Doors installs steel front doors in Kanata, Barrhaven,Orleans, Gloucester, Nepean, Ottawa and other parts of the National Capital Region. If you’re looking for quality and reliable products, Buildmart Windows & Doors is the best solution. We supply entry doors in a wide range of different styles, configurations and distinctive finishes. This will give your home some uniqueness and a modern look.

We ensure that all our doors meet the performance standard of Energy Star 2020. Along with this standard, you’re sure to get high quality doors that also come with a manufacturer’s warranty for your peace of mind. If you’d like to further protect your home from intrusions, Buildmart Windows & Doors also supplies steel doors as an alternative to conventional doors. Their steel like properties ensure they don’t deform, wear down or chip. These doors will serve for decades and continue to reliably protect your home from intrusions.

The advantages of our doors are:

  • They require no service;
  • They can be configured with thousands of combinations;
  • Every property of the door is customizable: size, design, material, glass, colour and more.

Buildmart Windows & Doors knows how to find the perfect combination of reliability and esthetics which will leave you with a dependable yet tasteful door. As such, our steel doors will not only be the best protection for your home but will also increase the style of your house front.

Fiberglass doors. A lot of fiberglass doors are used as entrance doors since they are resistant to corrosion and rotting and don’t deform or settle. We have a large selection of colours of doors for you to chose from. We can perfectly mask wood tones, metals and any other coatings.

Patio doors

Patio doors are often used as a courtyard door or a front door. They take up very little space and but with their vast windowed surface, will visually enlarge any room. Thanks to the high-quality materials used to manufacture these doors, your patio will remain easily accessible and secure. You can order aluminum patio doors, PVC patio doors or hybrid patio doors. All these doors are available in various sizes and colours.

Garden doors

Garden doors can come with one or two leaves. Also, various modifications are available for them: two-leaved doors can be opened either on each side or on in the middle. Commonly, such doors are fitted with glass, which visually enlarge a room and open up a panoramic view to your garden.

Bi folding doors

This door model is used as an interior door which allows one to easily carry large furniture through the bi-folding design. It also gives a luxurious look to the interior of a room, and can even serve as an additional decoration for a wall, if you leave one of the leaves latched.

Sliding patio doors

Sliding patio doors are different from other types of doors and are also referred to as sliding glass doors. They are constructed to glide horizontally and have one operating panel and one fixed panel. They can fit into tight spaces compared to traditional hinged doors, as panels of sliding glass doors do not occupy the space of your room and patio. We can design sliding patio doors to suit any home. Are you looking for a classic sliding patio door or have a fully customized plan in mind? We can create infinite combinations of colours, configurations, sizes and finishes. The possibilities are endless!

Custom doors

Buildmart Windows and Doors supplies and installs doors made from a wide variety of materials and sizes. If you are unable to select a door from our standard catalog, you can always enquire with us, and together we will select the best, most convenient option for your home.

Quality doors cost is calculated individually for each client. Before making an order and installing a door, it’s necessary to let our specialists take measurements, define the materials, colour and other modifications to the doors. After you have made your selections, we will calculate the cost for you, absolutely free.

Call us now for a free quote and let us install your dream door.


Steel or fiberglass, custom sidelites and transoms, wide selection of decorative glass and colors, with steel guardian plate


Single or double operator, side or centre swing, various glass and color options


PVC, hybrid or aluminum, various sizes, colours and options


Durable aluminum doors, various models available with ventilation and hidden screen


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