Ottawa Front Doors Replacement & Installation

Make a great first impression of your home with a custom front door from Buildmart. With 16+ years of experience in the industry, our family business specializes in installing high-quality, energy efficient front doors that will keep you safe and sound while easily withstanding the harsh Ottawa climate.

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Front Doors Ottawa

When considering a front door replacement in Ottawa, did you know you can fully customize your new front door? All of our doors are made custom to order, including exterior doors, garden doors, patio doors, side entrance doors, and steel entry doors! So whether you need just the front door or all exterior doors replaced in your home, we are here to help. 

Choose a durable fibreglass entry door to protect your home against the Canadian weather or a steel entry door for superior security and safety. Customize your doors to your unique design specifications, whether you are going for a modern black front door, or a historical Victorian look for your heritage home. 

Our teams have been providing professional service with door installations for more than a decade. When you work with Buildmart, you have peace of mind knowing we will install the complete front entry door configuration to the highest standard of work, from the frame and actual door to custom design features, and a multi-point lock system.

Modern VOG door with sidelight. Black inside/outside slab model VOG with exterior metal strips

Fig 1. VOG Entry Door With Sidelight

Entry Doors Ottawa 

We went an extra mile for the client, and designed a wide, modern entry doors with offset glass: 

Single slab 42" door with glass inserts. The inserts were offset to the side for a more modern look.

Fig 2. Custom Design Entry Doors with Offset Glass Inserts

If your front door is drafty, old, of an outdated design, or falling apart, it’s time for a replacement. Buildmart specializes in high-quality exterior entry doors that guarantee your safety while transforming the look of your home and earning energy rebates at the same time. 

Together with our clients, we design custom front entry doors tailored to your home: from a wider, modern entry door with offset glass that created more functionality and instantly refreshed our clients’ home, to a steel entry door with a 3-point steel lock system that added extra security and a contemporary minimal look. 

Going for an ultra stylish look? Choose the wow-factor modern black entry door. Looking for more light in your home? Replace your old basic front door with an entry door with sidelights, whether one, or multiple! Plus, we can match your side entrance doors to your front door for a cohesive, thought-out look. The options are endless to make your house your dream home.

Exterior Entry Doors 

We work with top manufacturers in Canada to supply high-quality ENERGY STAR® certified exterior entry doors to our clients in Ottawa, offering great rebates. 

Whether you are a residential homeowner looking for a new exterior door with glass to boost your home’s curb appeal, or a custom home developer looking for black exterior doors in Canada to increase the home’s value, contact us for a quote. 

With unlimited customization options for our exterior front doors, we invite you to speak with our windows & doors professionals to come up with a tailored plan just for you and help you make the best decision for your home. We answer all our requests and provide obligation-free quotes after we do measurements. 

We always aim for transparency with our clients. Our front door supply is normally 8 weeks. Due to current supply chain delays, some doors can take up to 8 months to arrive, which we will always communicate to you. If you require an exterior front door sooner, please contact us since we can get you a promo door in 5 weeks, pending availability.

Extra wide brown entry doors with  two sidelights and with privacy glass from Novatech

Fig 3. Custom Entry Doors with Two Sidelights and Privacy Glass from Novatech

Patio Doors Ottawa

We are a professional supplier of high-quality patio doors in Ottawa that slide and open seamlessly, while keeping out the elements in the winter time and bugs in the summertime. Our garden doors allow effortless access to your backyard so you can enjoy your morning coffee outside or host a party and barbecue, without struggling with the door every time. 

And, our patio doors feature superior security. Did you know that the basic old patio door can be lifted off its tracks with just a crowbar?! You deserve to sleep at night knowing that your home is protected not only with your secure front door but also with your patio doors. By default, all of our high-quality patio doors are now outfitted with a 3-point steel lock system and steel frame reinforcements.

Featuring insulated glass, our patio doors are eligible for energy efficiency rebates in Ontario. This also means lower utility bills for you since you’re not losing heat in the winter and AC in the summer through the doors. Our patio doors are outfitted with strong tempered glass that also makes for a clean minimalist design and allows bright natural sunlight to flood your home. 

Choose Quality House Front Doors for Replacement

Selecting modern front doors near you is not like taking a walk in the park for most homeowners. The entire process can be daunting. However, as complicated as the process may seem to you, if you know the company to use to get your doors from, the process is effortless. This is a remarkable undertaking and ought to be enjoyed!

This is where Buildmart comes in; to help you choose quality doors that complement your home. The doors we supply to Canadian homes are built with ruthless Canadian winters in mind. Our doors are robust to withstand any weather conditions and deliver the best performance throughout the seasons.

Besides, if you want customized front door replacement, we offer that. We can customize your entry door to look and feel truly yours. One of the best kinds of customization homeowners in Ottawa opt for is using different door materials such as steel, fibreglass, vinyl, and aluminum. With this, you get to enjoy the benefits of all these varied materials.

Do Not Compromise on Entrance Door Installation

Choosing the best front entrance doors near me from a reputable company or renowned supplier is one thing, and installing those doors is another story. The performance of your entrance door highly depends on the quality of installation.

With years of experience handling different entry doors, you can bet on Buildmart to install your entrance doors. While you can DIY the front door installation, this is not recommended as there are so many things that can just go awfully wrong during installation!

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