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Metal siding is an exterior cladding made from either steel or aluminum. The siding is increasingly popular with homeowners due to its superior weather resistance, installation, and durability.

Types of Metal Siding (Features and Benefits)

There are two primary types of metal siding – aluminum, and steel. The best way to understand the two is by noting their differences.

The benefits of aluminum include being fireproof, impervious to termites, and resistant to blister, rust, or rot. The primary drawback is that it can easily scratch or dent and, without proper care, may corrode too.

Maintaining aluminum involves cleaning surface stains using a non-abrasive detergent. The manufacturer may also periodically recommend refinishing with paint.

Aluminum siding comes in a wide array of factory-made textures and colours. The installation is relatively easy since it’s pretty lightweight. When well cared for, the siding may last over 40 years and even as long as the house’s lifetime.

What about steel? The benefits of steel siding are very similar to those of aluminum one.

Steel is resistant to rotting, insects, and fire, but it too can rust and scratch. However, steel is heavier, stronger, and more resistant to denting than aluminum.

Professional installation is highly recommended for a steel option. This type of metal siding comes in an array of textures and colours. Some iterations are smooth and mimic the appearance of the wood grain.

Styles, Colours, and Designs

Metal siding comes in multiple sizes and shapes that depend on the choice of metal. There are various colours to pick from to help nail the aesthetic you are looking to achieve. The following are some metal siding design styles you’re likely to find at Buildmart.

  1. Corrugated Metal Siding

The corrugated metal siding style has a wavy design that has made it among the most admired forms of siding. The popularity comes from the fact that the metal panels in the siding can conceal tiny flaws caused by direct force or harsh weather conditions.

Corrugated metal siding is versatile that can be implemented in multiple uses, including residential, commercial, storage, and agricultural buildings.

  1. Batten Metal Siding

Batten metal siding resembles the conventional board and batten technique. The difference is that metal batten siding is more durable, unlike the vinyl and natural wood materials. Using a concealed fastener metal panel, one can achieve the board and batten look using metal. Given the hidden fasteners, the panel resembles boards but with a smooth look.

Its unique design incorporates a batten-like gap between each sheet metal siding, which breaks up the usual panel pattern.

  1. Standing Seam Metal Siding

The standing metal seam siding style is trendy in residential homes. The style consists of beautiful and clear-cut seams requiring minimal maintenance. During installation, seams are raised to combine the metal panels. The procedure results in durability and visually appealing metal siding. This style of metal siding is essentially created on-site during installation.

  1. Box Rib Metal Siding

Box rib metal siding offers visual appeal and strength in equal measure. It consists of exposed fasteners running all along the replicated ribs. The ribs create a box-shaped pattern. The box-ribbed panels have sharp-edged angles that stand out in the folded pattern. Box rib metal siding has a relatively more straightforward installation than other styles.

  1. Flat Metal Siding

The flat panel metal siding is a stylish alternative to the other vertical metal sliding. It has a traditional appearance from the clear lines that run either vertically or horizontally along their width. The uniqueness of this style is the clean lines and their ability to form multiple looks such as shiplap, groove, and the custom flat option.

Why Choose Us? has been a siding supplier in Ottawa for years. We are equipped with metal siding installation professionals to ensure clients get the architectural aesthetic they seek. Contact us for a more comprehensive professional discussion on which metal siding best suits your home.

We have a long list of clients whose homes we have transformed before, and you can have a look at their results for a visual picture. We buy our collection of materials from leading Canadian manufacturers so that every project we work on delivers all the clients’ needs.

From colour to texture to design, we are equipped to deliver whichever siding system you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best exterior metal siding near me?


Steel siding is commonly preferred due to its weather resistance. The steel material offers heat protection and prevents water absorption. With the different techniques and styles, steel is a great residential metal siding option.

Can I use metal roofing as siding?


Corrugated and vertical metal siding panels are roofing panels used to clad walls. Metal roof siding will function as seamlessly as any other type of siding.

Is aluminum siding the same as steel siding?


The two are usually confused, but there is a fine line between them. Steel is stronger, heavier, and prone to rust and corrosion. On the other hand, Aluminum is lightweight, doesn't require regular maintenance, and is relatively easy to install for experienced professionals.

How do I differentiate metal siding types?


A quick way to distinguish them is by lightly tapping the siding; an aluminum option will have more of a metallic and hollow sound once you strike it. Another alternative is using a magnet. Steel will interact with a magnet, while aluminum won't. Alternatively, you could visit us at Buildmart and talk to our experienced staff to get guidance.

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