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What Is Stone Veneer Siding?

Stone veneer is a form of siding made to mimic the appearance of natural stone. It is sometimes called an architectural stone, manufactured stone, cultured stone, or imitation stone siding. The most robust version is constructed using cement, iron oxides, and aggregates that have been sculpted into various forms and textures to resemble natural stone.

Iron oxides lend the stone veneer siding its colour, and cement is employed to give it stability and strength.

Some people mix up stone veneer with faux veneer, a siding material that looks like actual stone but isn’t. Faux stone siding comprises lightweight foam that feels like Styrofoam than it does stone.

Stone veneer siding is now popular in construction, renovation, and upgrading projects due to the high expenses of mining, sculpting, shipping, and installing natural stones.

Types of Stone Veneer Siding

There are several types of stone veneer siding. Let’s dive right in.

  1. Manufactured Stone Siding

Manufactured stone siding is made by casting individual cement “stones” in moulds that mimic the look of genuine stone. A result is a new form of stone siding erected in the same way real stone is, but weighs less and costs less in shipping fees.

  1. Polyurethane-Based (Faux) Plastic Stone Siding

Also known as faux stone panel siding, this type is made using polyurethane, a relatively lightweight substitute for actual stone. Furthermore, installation is easier because this sort of stone-like siding is designed to be fitted in panels rather than stone-by-stone.

The science that makes vinyl stone siding is astounding in terms of aesthetics. Touching is the only way to tell it is not stone.

  1. Natural Stone Cladding

Natural stone cladding is also another alternative for natural stone surfaces. This type of stone siding is available in sections cut from bigger slabs rather than harvested stone. Granite slabs are a common choice for this style of cladding.

Granite is an extremely thick natural stone that resists breaking, resulting in stone types that enable moisture to penetrate, making many stone forms prone to freeze-thaw cycles. Similar to conventional brickwork, the surface of the stone cladding tends to reflect uneven curves.

The stone siding panels, however, are flat. Cladding is installed in a staggered pattern on a substrate, similar to how brick is set.

  1. Stone Siding Veneers

Stone siding veneers are made of actual stone. Many types of natural stone veneer siding include panel systems that are meant to fit together like jigsaw puzzles.

With this, you get an actual stone with all of its durability benefits. Because they come in panels, they’re easy to install. You also get the appearance, layered texture, and overall feel of actual stone siding. This might be the perfect solution if you’re searching for a simple installation that incorporates genuine stone.

Features & Benefits of Exterior Stone Siding

Stone veneer siding comes with several benefits and features that make it the best choice for some people. Let’s dive in:

  1. Cost-Effectiveness

If you had your heart set on stone, compromising might not be in the books for you, so the cheaper stone veneers stand out as a cost-effective way to get what you want. Real stone siding is heavy, costs a lot to ship, and takes longer to install and replace.

  1. Easy Installation

Working with real stones is not the easiest thing to do. With all that weight, they present a challenge to contractors and professionals. Our professionals can do it but will have a much easier time and take way less time to complete it.

  1. Maintenance Requirements Are Low

Cleaning stone veneer siding is as easy as wiping with regular cleaners. They do not require special products to clean, and since they are manufactured, they have a more accessible surface.

  1. Environmentally Friendly

When the stones are done doing their work decades later, they will be right at home on just about any natural surface. If you are eco-conscious and want to build with as many sustainable materials as possible, stone veneers siding presents a great way.

  1. Aesthetic Appeal

Stone houses look imposing, strong, and majestic in a quiet but sturdy way. There is nothing quite like adding aesthetic appeal to your building, so you will benefit from using stone veneers where a fully stone house is not possible.

Stone Siding Veneer Styles, Designs & Colours

Stone veneer siding comes in various styles, usually dictated by the type, shape, and even colour of the stone used. The colours range from a pale grey to a dark brown and sometimes even slightly dark black.

There are typically no steps to colour the stones, which means they retain their normal colour from nature.

Style is dictated by how the stones are manufactured or cut, and the colour, shape, and mode of installation. Some form straight lines, others are like a mosaic, and others are stacked in a haphazard-looking but very concise way, typically called stacked stone siding.

You get to pick your preferred choice. At Buildmart, we are ready to help anyone looking for stone veneer siding “near me” find the best choice.


Even though stone veneer siding is lighter than actual stone sidings, it does not make it any less of a technical challenge to install. For that reason, we recommend that as you get your stone veneers from us, you also get our professionals to do the installation.

Why Choose Us

Besides the fact that we provide you with high-quality stone siding Canada’s best manufacturers have to offer and have professionals on standby to help install the stones for the best result, we also don’t hesitate to take any questions you may have and help you find whatever housing material and accessories you may need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is stone siding the same as fibre cement siding?


Fibre cement cladding is another name for fibre cement siding. It is not the same as stone siding since it is made using cement reinforced with fibres rather than genuine stone or veneer.

What’s the difference between a stone veneer and a cultured stone?


Cultured stone veneer is an artificial stone siding designed to seem like natural stone, but is made using composite materials. Cultured stone is quarried stone that has been moulded or minimally treated after being extracted from the soil.

Is quarried stone used in stone siding?


Natural quarried stone cut into natural forms and processed into cladding or panels can be used for stone siding. Natural stone siding in Ottawa is primarily sourced in this manner on a commercial basis.

What is the difference between stucco and stone siding?


The terms stone siding and stucco siding are not interchangeable. While both may refer to the appearance of stone on the outside, stucco is a building material comprised of aggregates, a bonding agent, and water.

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