Aluminum Siding Panels

Aluminum siding is an excellent choice to boost your home’s curb appeal. Browse available options for your next aluminum siding project today. Get your free estimate on selected items.

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Aluminum siding made from aluminum coil stock shields your exterior from harsh weather conditions and destructive insects. It acts as an aesthetic tool for your house and as a weather-resistant cover that protects your walls from heat, water, snow, and harsh winds.

Aluminum beats wood and steel in several features in that it doesn’t rot, snap in strong wind, or rust easily. It’s the best choice for an insulated, fire-safe, and termite-free home.

Types of Aluminum Sidings, Features, and Installation

Product Longboard Aluminum Siding Deluxe Woodgrain Aluminum Siding Cedarwood Aluminum Siding
Availability Woodgrain and solid colours

Over 20 wood grain species

60+ solid colour options

Rigid aluminum core coated with LoMar polyester finish Beautiful appearance, coated with Lomar polyester finish Heavy-duty aluminum core
Features and Benefits Non-combustible

Weathering resistant

Anti-graffiti coating


100 % recyclable

AAMA 2604/2605 certification

Zero long term maintenance

Fully recyclable



Heavy-duty construction

Added dimensions

It doesn’t absorb moisture

Minimal upkeep

Warranty protection

Smooth textures available

Won’t absorb moisture

Extra ½” butt height

Wide range of colour matching

Simple upkeep

40-year limited warranty


Greater dimension with the ½” extra-deep butt height

Beautiful, low-maintenance finish

Styles, Designs, and Colours 4″ V Groove, 6″ V Groove

6″ Channel


Colours include:

Dark Cherry, Light Cherry, Dark Fir, Light Fir, Dark Walnut, Table Walnut, National Mahogany, White Oak, Sand Drift, Light Oak.

8″ Horizontal, Double 4″ Clapboard

8″ Vertical Board and Batten

Colours include:

Bright White, Sandstone, Cashmere, Forest Green, Black, Sable, Chestnut Brown.

8″ Horizontal, Double 4″ Clapboard

8″ Vertical Board and Batten

Colours include:

Bright White, Sandstone, Cashmere, Forest Green, Black, Sable, Burgundy, Dark Drift.

Double 5″



Colours include:

Chestnut Brown, Aspen Gray, Maple Tan, Coastal Redwood, Tawny Oak.

Aluminum Siding Installation Install parallel or perpendicular to the building according to the installer’s instructions. Install horizontally or vertically for vertical aluminum siding. Install horizontally or vertically. Install horizontally or vertically.

Why Choose Us

We are a leading supplier of industry-leading siding options in Ottawa. Besides being the favourite one-stop shop for replacement windows and doors, we offer you a wide range of durable aluminum panel sidings to fit every project you may be working on.

Our specialized professionals are well-equipped with the skills and experience to make your choice of architectural products and time spent shopping with us worthwhile.

Our products come from the leading Canadian suppliers and all other accessories needed to make your home attractive. Get in touch with us today to make your order or simply have questions answered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find aluminum siding Ottawa?


There is an array of aluminum siding Canada made available by different suppliers in Canada. Getting the right product with wholesome quality specifications should be your priority. Admittedly, not every supplier can deliver that. If you are looking for aluminum siding near me in Ottawa, reach us through our website or visit any of our Buildmart shops where our reliable clients will serve you.

How durable is aluminum siding?


Unlike wood, aluminum siding doesn't absorb water; drastically improving its durability. With proper protection, aluminum siding can stay up for up to 40 years, protecting your house and enhancing beauty.

What is aluminum siding made of?


It consists of chemically coated aluminum to protect the metal. The siding is further painted to enhance the protection and enhance its aesthetic appeal. Once coated, the siding is backed with enamel, increasing its durability. The enamel is also what’s used to create the desired texture.

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