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House siding is available in different styles, textures, colours, and finishes, providing exceptional high-performance durability. Browse available options for your house siding project today.

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Wall cladding or house siding refers to the protective layer of material attached to a building’s exterior wall. Vinyl is an exterior house siding for small apartments and houses, used for decoration and weatherproofing. Its appearance imitates board, wood clapboard, and shakes to serve diverse customer needs.

Features of House Siding

Vinyl’s balance between durability and affordability accounts for its popularity amongst homeowners. Let’s look at the primary features of house siding:

  1. Durability

Quality material has a high level of weather resistance. The correct installation can withstand the impacts of tree branches and hailstones. Your siding will retain its level of quality longer, even under drastic temperature changes.

  1. Maintenance

One of the best siding features is that it’s nearly maintenance-free. Homeowners remain inclined to vinyl for this feature. Cleaning will typically require spraying it with a garden hose and maybe implementing a long handle brush for the tight spots. Cleaning siding will also take a reasonable amount of time, depending on the amount of work.

While a traditional wood siding would require yearly repainting, vinyl does not need a fresh coat. Whether you install your siding in the factory-applied coating or use custom coating, the layer will remain intact throughout its lifespan.

  1. Energy Efficiency

This house siding type significantly improves exterior insulation. While a well-built wall should offer sufficient insulation, it doesn’t hurt to choose a non-conducting material such as vinyl.

Types and Styles of Vinyl House siding Ottawa

There are three main types of house siding:

  • Vertical house siding: The board and batten design is a vertical siding that furnishes your house exterior with an elegant flair that many have found appealing.
  • Horizontal siding: Horizontal siding is the most prevalent siding with homeowners. The siding has a clean and straightforward appearance, making it a timeless choice.
  • Architectural siding: Shake siding is an architect’s favourite, thus, its name. Vinyl shakes and shingles are arranged vertically.

The top three styles are further designed in any of the following exterior house siding styles:

  • Clapboard siding: This is a timeless horizontal siding style where the material appears as horizontal wood pieces overlapping each other. The technique has several sub-profiles to pick from the quad, triple, double, and single.
  • Beaded siding: The beaded style features rounded beads at the bottom and top of every piece to form shadows that create a visual appeal.
  • Dutch-lap siding: With the Dutch-lap, you get a unique style, often used on colonial-style houses. The boards are set at a 45-degree angle on their top half.
  • Boards & batten: This is the classic vertical house siding with broad sections of borders along with battens (thin raised strips). Board and batten siding are typically implemented in combination with any horizontal siding styles to create a stylish accent.
  • Cabin board siding: The cabin board variant is a rustic vibe style as the siding imitates stacked logs.
  • Shingle siding: This siding styles imitate cedar shingles. The technique can be made in various shapes such as squares, rounds, half cove, octagons, or hexagons.

Why Choose Us?

Buildmart is ready to give your home a transformation with durable and energy-efficient products that will accessorize your home and improve your comfort zone while saving you money. We buy our collection of materials from leading Canadian manufacturers to deliver the highest quality to you.

Our siding is designed with heat and water absorption protection and weather resistance.

We not only supply and install, but we also ensure we meticulously leave your site cleaned up. Our office will remain in touch with you to address our every need during your project. We have excellent staff who will courteously handle any follow-up concerns or questions you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get house installation services near me?


Buildmart is a leading siding supplier in Ottawa, offering installation and replacement services. Contact Buildmart for consultation on exterior house siding.

Should I use concrete house siding or vinyl siding?


No form of siding is purely advantageous over the other. The best way to make this decision is to consult with a supply and installation company in Ottawa to discuss the siding that best fits your needs.

How long does house siding installation take?


House siding installation timelines depend on how big a surface one has to cover. To tear off the material and put in new house siding takes anywhere from 7 to 14 days, but many factors can change that timeline drastically.

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