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Patio doors, customized to your exact requirements. We can combine various glass sliding door options, including outdoor colours, indoor finishes, glass types, blinds, and hardware.

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Patio doors, also popularly called sliding glass patio doors, are one of the excellent ways to brighten up your home, allowing fresh air and light into your home. They are a great way to welcome the outdoors indoors, without investing more to achieve that.

What are patio doors?

A common door style option for modern homeowners, a patio door with a dog door is characterized by huge floor-to-ceiling windows, providing an abundance of natural lighting and an unimpeded view of the outdoors. Patio doors slide horizontally on a set of fixed tracks and rollers to open and close.

Patio doors are mostly preferred when you want to brighten your living space and get an unobstructed view of the backyard, landscaping, and patio. However, this abundance of natural light makes your living feel more spacious and welcoming!

As opposed to other door styles, patio doors Ottawa have a compact design that makes them ideal for use in tighter living spaces since they do not require additional space to accommodate the opening and closing of the glass panes.

However, one thing you should know before buying glass patio doors is that you will need to clean and lubricate the track system often for the smooth operation of the doors.

Types & styles of patio doors

Patio doors are made up of two to four glass panes on a set of tracks, which close and open by sliding over each other. While there are various widths and lengths of patio doors Canada, you can see some modern houses with the entire wall made of sliding glass doors.

French patio door units

These are mostly preferred for use in small openings. They are composed of two doors, which operate from the centre either outwards or inwards simultaneously, or one at a time.

However, the main drawback of French patio door units is that they are not ideal for extensive openings and provide a minimal glazing area compared to bi-fold or sliding doors. This limits the view. They also need more space to open either inwards or outwards, and if left open and unsecured, they can slam shut.

Sliding glass patio doors

These are composed of two or three glass panels that slide to open, but one glass panel remains stationary. As the name suggests, these doors operate by sliding on a track system and, therefore, do not require additional space to accommodate opening. This means that due to their design, they solve most issues with French doors, such as being slammed shut by the forceful wind.

The sliding feature allows the homeowner to regulate how much the door opens for ventilation and letting in light.

Sliding glass doors also provide an unhindered view of the outdoor areas, thanks to the large glass panes.

Bi-fold patio doors

Bifolds are a new breed of modern patio doors to enter the Canadian market. The door is composed of a series of glass panels, which gradually fold back onto each other side by side like a concertina. They can be used to take the place of an expansive wall section such that it appears like there is no between the inside and outside.

While bifold replacement patio doors provide an uninterrupted view of the outdoors and great accessibility when open, when shut, this view is reduced because the glass panels cram together. The units can also be challenging to operate, and that is why they are usually designed with a traffic door for rapid entry and exit.

Features and benefits of patio doors

  • Energy efficiency — Patio doors are built with high-quality material and insulated glass to boost their energy efficiency qualities.
  • Contemporary aesthetic — Patio sliding glass doors have a clean and minimalist design, and that is why, traditionally, they have been associated with wealth and luxury. With expansive glass panels that offer an unimpeded view of the outdoors, patio doors are ideal for a modern home aesthetic.
  • Natural lighting — with large glass panels, large patio doors can fill your room with bright natural sunlight. They bring the outdoors indoors, making your home feel warm and welcoming.
  • Compact design — unlike traditional designs that require additional space for the opening of the panes, patio doors solve this problem and are ideal for restricted spaces.
  • Security — many people think that exterior patio doors offer little in terms of security because they are made of glass. However, this is misleading as these doors use high-tech, strong tempered glass and various built-in security features for the protection and safety of your home.

Patio doors installation and replacement

You can DIY some door styles, but we recommend that you seek professional service help near you when it comes to patio doors. These doors, for instance, bifold patio doors, are complex and compromising on their installation can be detrimental. Our Buildmart supplier company is always ready to install your replacement patio doors once they deliver them to your home.


Where should I install sliding patio doors in my home?


Sliding doors are suited to be installed in living spaces that open to your patios or backyard. If you need to open up your living space and make it feel warm and more welcoming, you should install sliding black patio doors.

How do I clean my patio doors?


Start cleaning from the inside of your home. Spray the surface of one glass panel at a time with a glass cleaner and wipe it dry. Do the same with the rest of the glass panels. Move the outside and repeat the same process on the exterior glass surfaces. When you complete cleaning the glass pane surfaces, clean the tracks by removing dust and debris using a vacuum cleaner.

Are patio doors energy efficient?


While older models of sliding patio doors such as wood patio doors were not energy efficient, the newer models are energy-efficient, and they come with excellent weatherstripping. Some patio doors are composed of double or triple glass panes for improved insulation. However, to benefit from these features, ensure that a professional installer correctly installs your patio doors.

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