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An entry door should perform multiple functions at once. It must protect one’s home from invasions, as well as have good thermal and noise insulation. That is why the choice and installation of your home doors must be made carefully.

Over the years, we’ve noticed clients chose an entry door based solely on its appearance without considering other properties. We also notice clients opting for the cheapest option and risk getting a “cardboard” like door that can deform or swell from the weather. To avoid these situations, Buildmart Windows & Doors will help you determine what quality doors and trim are right for you.

Characteristics to consider when choosing an entry door

Characteristics to consider when choosing an entry door

The most popular options are either classic or steel entry doors.

Classic doors are a versatile option that will suit any house interior. They come in a variety of material options, often made from solid wood with finger joints, solid wood veneer composite, or from a variety of wood species. The classic doors are easy to maintain, they are durable, which makes them a pleasant aspect to your home. You can also include fittings, sashes, and decorative glass to these doors. The classic version is suitable for those who want to independently choose all the components of the door and its appearance.

A good and reliable steel door should be selected when considering the following criteria:

  • Sturdiness and durability. Steel doors are sturdy, dent-resistant, and resistant to Canadian weather conditions. Even in time, the steel should not deform or destroy due to the cold or humidity.
  • Energy efficiency. A good door must have high thermal insulation parameters. This allows you to significantly reduce the heating costs of your home. This characteristic depends not only on the chosen door covering, but also on the quality of its installation.
  • Maintenance. Usually, steel doors do not need regular maintenance since the material itself is quite sturdy. However, in the event that a scratch appears on the door, it can lead to rust formation. It is better to prime and paint such a door or contact to specialists to solve the problem before it gets worst.
  • Aesthetic appearance. Your door not only offers protection, but also plays a large role in the interior design of your home. Nowadays, steel doors are available in a variety of designs which makes the selection of a steel door easy.
  • Versatility. Steel doors are a versatile option that suits both offices and domestic premises. Due to their good energy efficiency, they retain heat not only in apartments and houses, but also in large commercial buildings.

The first thing you should consider is the intended use of the door. The front door should be not only sturdy, but also resistant to weather conditions. For apartment entry doors, the insulation from the penetration of odors and noise is important.

On top of this, you also must know the exact location of the door in your home. So, if you choose a garden door, you can select unique garden doors or patio doors. With these types of doors, the aesthetic appearance is more important, and the protection aspect is not as high of a priority.

The street door on the other hand, must be sturdy and tough.

In this case, we have two options in our store:

  • Storm doors. This is a strong heavy-weight aluminum door with a thick sheet of metal on the leaf with reliable locks. It is also possible to install ventilation and a hidden screen in these doors.
  • Front entry doors. Standard doors are made of steel, fiberglass, and steel mop plate. You can install individual side panels on them, insert decorative glass, and select reliable locks. These doors are the most popular choice for detached houses.

Best doors in Ottawa

Best doors in Ottawa

Buildmart Windows & Doors specializes in the supply and installation of a wide variety of doors for your home and garden. We are always attentive to the satisfaction of our customers, therefore helping you select the best option with a good price and the best quality. We also want to satisfy any aesthetic needs you may have as our doors look great with any home decoration. Our catalogue contains an incredibly wide assortment of various doors. You will definitely find what you are looking for at Buildmart Windows & Doors.

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