Awning Windows

Awning windows provide easy ventilation and pair well with a combination of window styles, complementing home needs and design.

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What Are Awning Windows?

An awning window is a configuration of a casement window with hinges at the top. Due to the placement of the hinges, they open from the bottom to the outside at 45 degrees. They are a great selection, especially in areas with torrential rains since they prevent water from getting through the window. As such, you can open it to let in fresh air even when it is raining.

Thanks to their practicability in use, they have become modern and prevalent across Canada. Awning windows are primarily used in rooms in your house that receive high humidity, such as kitchens and bathrooms. This is because, when open, they provide impeccable airflow capabilities. However, they can also be installed in other rooms such as living rooms and bedrooms. 

Features and Benefits of Awning Windows

Thanks to the ways awning windows in Ottawa are built, there is much they have to offer. Here are key features of awning replacement windows:

  • They are weather-tight construction. When they close, the sash tightly aligns with the frame preventing heat escape from your home and preventing water entry. That is what makes them a perfect option for areas with damp climates. You can open them even during rainstorms and allow ventilation without water seeping into your home.
  • Window awnings in Canada can be installed higher up on the walls. This makes for excellent ventilation and natural lighting for your home. All this is achieved without compromising your privacy. That is why they are preferred options for bathrooms.
  • Awning windows open from the bottom, making them easy to clean.
  • Finally, they help you add a more contemporary and appealing look to your structure thanks to their unique build.

Replacement and Installation

You would want to get it right from the start when installing awning windows Canada. Awning windows are supposed to be opened even when it is raining and prevent water from getting into your rooms. However, you would not achieve this if the windows were poorly installed during window replacement.

So, perfect installation is quintessential for the windows to perform well and extend their lifespan. At Buildmart, our experienced and professional service team of installers delivers just that. They understand their job and are true legends of the windows and doors industry. They have mastered the art of installing the following three main types of window awning: brick-to-brick, retrofit, and stud-to-stud.

Retrofit installation features:

  • Quick and less costly compared to other kinds;
  • Only the window sash is removed;
  • Interior and exterior trims and frame are not tampered with;
  • Only preferred when the window frame is in perfect condition.

Stud-to-stud installation features:

  • The entire existing window frame is removed;
  • An aluminum flashing finish is added for the exterior for water resistance;
  • The best installation option when the frame is damaged or the window has poor insulation;
  • Offers excellent energy efficiency compared to retrofit replacement.

Brick-to-brick installation features:

  • The entire window frame is gotten rid of up to the house framing;
  • A new brickmould is added to the new replacement windows. The space between the walls and brickmould is sealed with caulking and insulated with foam;
  • The improved energy efficiency of your home is better than the other two installations.


We understand you want your awning windows to come from a leading supplier in Ottawa. Buildmart windows selection is top-notch, and all the windows featured in our catalogue come from industry leaders such as WindowPro, Ostaco, Gentek, and others.

This wide selection of manufacturers guarantees a product collection of replacement and new construction awning windows Canada that fulfill all your specifications.

Awning Window Colours

Today’s windows are never boring. When looking for windows to buy, we know that you want something unique that will stand out from the others. With a selection of colours to choose from for your fibreglass or aluminum awning windows, your window accessories, grills and frames can complement your existing colour palette perfectly.

Besides, if you need a custom colour, you can request it, and it will be customized to your liking. All the finishes we provide are weather-proof and fade-resistant.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are awning windows?


An awning window is a window construction with hinges on the top. This allows the window to open from the bottom, up and outwards.

Where are awning windows used?


Window awnings can be used in several areas, but they mostly come in handy in areas prone to moisture, such as the bathroom and kitchen. However, they can also be used in the bedroom.

What are the main benefits of awning windows?


Besides being attractive, awning windows come with other perks, such as ventilation and natural light. They can be opened even when it is raining, are secure, offer an unobstructed view, and provide excellent privacy.

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