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Buildmart bay & bow windows expand views and let in more natural light, even in small spaces. Learn more about our product options.

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What Are Bay & Bow Windows?

Bay and bow windows are constructions that combine various designs (both operable and fixed windows) to create a curve that protrudes beyond the exterior wall. This outward extension implies that these windows create more interior space in your home. Since they are expansive, they allow more natural light and airflow into your home, enhancing the natural feel of your house with panoramic depth and views. However, while bay and bow windows are usually used together, these window units have slight differences.

The construction of bay windows includes three window units (one fixed window at the center and two operable ones at an angle). There are more angular lines in bay windows compared to in bow windows. Therefore, bay windows are commonly installed in contemporary and traditional homes.

On the other hand, bow windows are composed of four or more window units that join to create a smooth curve. Technically, all these window units are of the same shape and size. Bow windows have wider construction than bay units and are commonly used in exterior corners with 80 inches or more space. They are widely installed in traditional and Victorian houses in Ottawa.

Explore the product selection of the Buildmart company and get bay and bow windows inspiration below:

The Benefits of Bay and Bow Windows

Many aspects make bay and bow windows in Ottawa similar. For instance, they are made up of several window units. The only thing that differentiates them is their shape and the number of window units. As the name suggests, bow windows look like a bow and are curved while bay windows are angled.

When it comes to the number of window units, bay windows have only three windows of different sizes, while in bow windows, the number of units can range from four to six, all of the same sizes.

The installation process for these styles of windows is the same. They are all installed projecting out from the wall to create more interior space in your home. Since bay and bow windows are made of several window units, they offer more glass surface than other window constructions. This provides an unobstructed view of the outside, along with allowing more light and airflow into your house.

While they are more preferred for sitting rooms, these windows can also be installed in other rooms such as the kitchen and bedroom. Bay and bow windows are great in a bedroom to create a cozy nook with pillows. If installed in the kitchen, the additional space can be transformed into a breakfast corner — enjoy a bright kitchen that offers a superb scenic view.

Bay and Bow Window Replacement and Installation

Can you DIY bow and bay window replacement? Well, we don’t want you to give up on your DIY skills, but the answer is no! You should not try to DIY bow or bay windows because of the complexity of their structure. Replacing windows, especially bay and bow windows, is a delicate process that can go wrong and cost you a lot of money to repair the mess. Instead, we recommend that you look for a professional service installer in Ottawa to do it for you.

Our company professionals have been installing bay and bow windows in the Ottawa region for decades and know how to install these windows perfectly and within a short time while paying attention to all the details to ensure a perfect installation.


We understand you want your bay and bow windows to come from a leading supplier with a rich history of supplying windows in Canada. Buildmart windows selection is top-notch, and all the windows featured in our catalogue come from industry leaders such as STAGE, WindowPro, Ostaco, Gentek, and others.

Colours of Our Bay and Bow Windows

Today’s bay and bow windows are never boring. When looking for windows, we know that you want something unique. With a selection of colours for your bay and bow windows, your window will complement your existing colour palette perfectly.

Besides, if you need a custom colour, send a request to Buildmart. We will customize it to your liking. We provide weather-proof and fade-resistant finishes and every bay and bow window is made custom to order.


What is the difference between bow and bay windows?


The key difference between these two window styles is in the shape and number of window units in each window style. Box bay windows are composed of three window units of varying sizes (typically one fixed and two operable). On the flip side, bow windows are composed of four or more units of the same size and shape. Bay windows protrude to the exterior of the wall in an angled shape, while bow windows look like a bow and create a curved shape.

Can I replace casement/double-hung windows with a bay or bow window?


Yes! Replacing your typical styles with a bow or a large bay window is the best way to improve your home's curb appeal and make it feel more open and welcoming. However, your window installer will have to make several window opening adjustments to create an opening ideal for installing a bay or bow window.

Can I replace my bay or bow window myself?


It is not recommended to replace your bay windows by yourself. These windows are technical, and poor installation could mean a great loss. Always purpose to have your windows installed by a professional window installer.

Why should I choose to install bay and bow windows?


Homeowners install bay and bow windows because these windows provide exceptional ventilation and an uninterrupted view of the outside, allowing airflow and natural light into their homes. Lastly, these windows are unique and enhance your home's curb appeal.

How do bow windows function?


Since bow windows are a combination of many window options, their operation depends on the kind of window units used. For instance, no operation is needed if you have opted for fixed windows. However, if you choose a casement window, each window pane can be operated independently to control ventilation and airflow.

What can you do with extra space created by bay and bow windows?


The extra space created by the protrusion of the bay and bow windows can be utilized in a number of ways, such as:

  • Create a nook where you can rest when taking breakfast;
  • Add a desk and use the space below it as a storage area;
  • Create an alcove;
  • Create a window seat and put more pillows to make it a comfortable place to rest;
  • Use it for activities. With a table placed in front of the bow table, you can use the space for crafts and hobbies;
  • Use accent chairs.
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