Casement Windows

Casement windows are hinged on the side and open outward to the left or right. Browse casement window options to find your ideal style.

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What Are Casement Windows?

A casement window is typically attached to the frame using hinges (one or more hinges) and opens to the outside in either direction. The casement window can be configured in many ways. The openers can be side hung, top, or even fixed. However, the common configuration of a casement window is the side hung, which is easier for most people to open. 

A less common configuration is an awning casement window, which comes with hinges at the top. It is a preferred design, especially in rainy regions as they block the rain. Another configuration is the bottom-hung casement window, commonly installed in basements.

If you were looking to buy a replacement window in Ottawa that is practical, versatile, and convenient, a casement window would be the best option for you. These windows can be custom-designed to fit any window opening and are available in various materials and finishes, from steel and fibreglass to wood.

Types of Casement Windows

There is a variety of casement windows available from Buildmart, a local Ottawa business with more than 15 years of experience in the industry. Some of the common ones include the following: 

  • Single casement window – as the name suggests, its design comes with a single frame though it might have several panels of varying sizes – this depends on the window opening size. Similarly, the panels could have varying sizes.
  • Fixed casement window – commonly referred to as a picture window by most homeowners, it is unique from other window configurations since it is inoperable. Because they are not openable, they do not provide enough ventilation, and for this reason, they are paired with operable windows styles such as single or double-hung windows.
  • Double casement windows – they are also popularly known as French casement windows by some homeowners as take after the popular French doors. They are the best option to buy if you want to catch an unobstructed view of the outside. They offer that ideally as they lack stile in the center of the frame.

All casement windows open outward. Since they use hinges to operate, they are effortless to close and open. Whether you would choose casement windows for your home will depend on the shape and size of the window frame, among other things. Flush casement windows, for instance, create a very slim profile on the façade of your structure and are the best option if you want to save space.

Besides the configuration of the casement windows, they can also be classified according to the material used to make the window. In this class, we have the following common options:

  • Steel casement windows – these are common window materials normally used in commercial applications. They are preferred because they are cheap, durable, and strong. However, steel casement windows require regular maintenance, and they are not as beautiful as other options such as wood.
  • Wood casement windows – for centuries, builders have used wood to make windows. Wood is preferred for its aesthetic, strength, and durability. Besides, it can be stained or painted in different colours easily. However, wood requires a lot of maintenance to keep its beauty.
  • Aluminum casement windows – for homeowners less interested in beauty and looking for something affordable and easy to maintain, aluminum casement windows come in handy.
  • Vinyl – vinyl casement window is a newcomer in the window manufacturing industry. However, the material has proved to be very competitive in all aspects. It is strong, resistant to fading and warping, durable, and provides a wide of hues to choose from. Besides, it comes at a low cost compared to its counterpart wood or fibreglass.
  • Fibreglass – they are also new to the window industry but very famous among homeowners. They are strong, beautiful (some resemble wood), and durable. However, all these features come at a high cost reflected in their prices, which can be way up north!

Features and Benefits of Casement Windows

If you are considering casement windows for your house in Ottawa, here are the main aspects to pay attention to:

  • Casement windows form a tight seal when closed thanks to the sashes that press tightly against the frame. This helps prevent heat loss, making casement windows highly energy efficient.
  • They are wide and open and close by using a crank mechanism rather than a sliding feature. As a result, you can open the windows wide for ventilation and allow more natural light into the rooms. This enhances ventilation and makes your home naturally lit.
  • Casement windows are easy to operate – unlike the traditional casement windows, modern ones come with a crank handle that makes operating the window effortless.
  • The frame of casement windows lacks a central rail, a feature that allows it to offer an unobstructed view.
  • Casement windows are fitted with a lever that locks the windows in many points, making it secure and hard to force entry by intruders.
  • These windows are easy to clean since you can open them wide and access every part when cleaning.

Casement Window Installation & Replacement

Whether you are installing a metal casement window or an aluminum option, installing casement windows is not an undertaking you would want to carry out if you don’t have the necessary skills and tools.

While you can opt for a DIY project if you are doing an insert window replacement, hiring Buildmart, a professional service company, for full-frame window replacement is always recommended. This needs a more advanced skill-set and tools, and a professional window installer from Buildmart will come in handy. 

When you give us a call, we will come, inspect your home, and advise you what kind of casement window replacement is needed depending on the condition of the frame and other window elements.

We Work With Most Reputable Canadian Window Manufacturers

When shopping for casement windows near me, you want to buy your windows from a reputable window manufacturer. We source our casement windows from industry leaders such as Ostaco, Dimensions, STAGE, WindowPro, among others.

From black casement windows to vibrant colours such as blue, grey, ivory, brown and more, we offer a wide selection of options to suit your unique preferences to give your home an elegant appearance and comfort. All our windows are made custom order and can come in custom colours too!


What makes a casement window unique?


Casement windows are different from others because of their high-energy efficiency. The windowpane presses tightly against the outer frame creating an airtight seal. That keeps warm air in and cold air out.

What differentiates a casement window from an awning window?


Awning windows are designed to be fitted in openings with greater widths than height. Both styles of windows open outward and offer great ventilation and maximum natural light.

What is a fixed casement window?


This is a casement window that is inoperable, usually a single expansive glass. They are typically installed in rooms where you want to get an unobstructed view when ventilation is not a priority.

What is a French casement window?


This is a style of casement window that provides a clear opening with no mullion divide.

Are casement windows safe?


Yes. They are among the safest windows in the market thanks to the multi-point locking systems that make them hard to break in from the outside.

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