Fixed Windows

Fixed casement windows are non-operational windows that allow a great view of the outside and extra light into the house. Buy fixed windows in Canada.

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What Are Fixed Windows?

Fixed windows are inoperable window construction (cannot be opened or closed). These windows are non-operable. They are intended to provide an unobstructed view of the outside scenes and allow natural light into your home. Therefore, they are constructed with an expansive glass surface.

Many people refer to fixed windows as picture windows. These two are the same, but there is a slight difference. The frame in fixed casement windows is larger than in picture windows for a more modern style.

Fixed windows in Ottawa can be constructed in any size and shape and are some of the energy-efficient windows available in Canada. Our fixed windows have fusion-welded corners and gas-filed internal chambers to improve thermal efficiency.

Since they do not offer much ventilation, they are paired with other operational windows. They can be used in any part of your house, but they are preferred in dining rooms, basements, living rooms, family rooms, and nurseries.

Types of Fixed Windows

Here are the most common styles of fixed windows:

  • Picture windows – this style is used to achieve an unobstructed view of the outside. It is typically installed alongside other operable windows.
  • Glass blocks – as the name suggests, these are blocks of glass specifically designed for use in areas that require high privacy, such as bathrooms. The glass can be translucent or transparent, depending on the level of privacy needed.
  • Bow windows – these are curved fixed windows usually installed in four panes. When used, they increase more interior space in your room. The window is typically flanked with other operable units for ventilation and aesthetic purpose.
  • Bay windows – in this window construction, the fixed window is normally sandwiched between two operable window units for ventilation.

Another thing you have to note is that fixed windows can come in different shapes, such as circle top, round, oval, octagon, and triangle or trapezoid windows.

Features and Benefits of Fixed Windows

Here is what you need to know about these windows:

  • Fixed windows come in varying designs and shapes to suit any unique preference. Besides, they are highly versatile, and you can customize your design to meet your needs.
  • They don’t have any moving parts like other windows. As a result, they are more affordable than their counterparts are.
  • They provide excellent insulation.
  • With no moving parts and their inability to open, fixed windows are easy to maintain and clean.
  • Large floor-to-ceiling glass offers an unobstructed view of the outside. This also provides natural lighting to your home.

Replacement and Installation of Fixed Windows

The process can be sensitive when it comes to fixed window replacement because it has very few moving parts. Therefore, the Buildmart professional service team in Ottawa uses the best practice to ensure the best results for our clients. From the time you buy your windows from us to the time the window is installed in your home, our team of professionals works with you at every step of window installation.


We understand you want your fixed windows to come from a leading supplier with a rich history of supplying windows in Canada. Buildmart windows selection is top-notch, and all the windows featured in our catalogue come from industry leaders such as WindowPro, Ostaco, Gentek, and others.

This wide selection of manufacturers guarantees a product collection of replacement and new construction fixed windows that fulfill all your specifications.


Nowadays windows are never boring. When looking for windows in Ottawa, we know that you want something that will stand out. With a selection of colours to choose from for your fixed windows, they will complement your existing colour palette perfectly. Besides, if you need a custom colour, you can send us a request, and it will be customized to your liking. All the finishes we provide are weatherproof and fade-resistant.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are fixed windows?


A fixed window is a window construction with a fixed glass panel. They are excellent for providing an unobstructed view and natural lighting but do not offer much ventilation.

Where are fixed windows used?


Fixed windows are preferred in living rooms, family rooms, dining rooms, and basements. However, they are paired with other operable windows for ventilation.

Are fixed windows secure?


Yes. Fixed casement windows are well-sealed and use a very strong glass impenetrable to blows and kicks. Besides, they do not have moving parts that can be broken.

Are fixed windows energy-efficient?


Yes. The internal glass chambers are filled with argon gas for thermal efficiency. The corners are fusion-welded for excellent sealing and, therefore, there is no space allowing heat to escape.

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