Shaped Windows

Shaped windows allow you to feature new designs and add architectural style to your home. View our offers at Buildmart.

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What Are Shaped Windows?

Would you like your home to stand out from the rest? One of the ways you can achieve that effortlessly is by installing custom-shaped windows. Regardless of the window shape you choose, shaped windows look majestic and add architectural style to your entire home.

And as opposed to the belief of many people, these windows are affordable, especially when you get your shaped windows from Buildmart Windows and Doors, where we can leverage our expertise to come up with a design that suits your needs and budget.

Most shaped windows are picture windows. However, they are normally installed with other operable window units to enhance ventilation and airflow. You can add delicate geometric patterns with shaped windows to turn them into awe-inspiring elements. You can opt for fixed round shapes with sharp angles and a combination of geometrical shapes to come up with a truly unique and attractive home.

Types of Shaped Windows

Just think about any shape, and you will get any type of shaped window. Modern shaped windows in Ottawa allow you to showcase your artistic skills through your home. Here are some common options you would want to consider next time you do window replacement:

  • Square windows – this is so far the most common type of shaped window. It is often inoperable, the design possibilities are endless.
  • Circle windows – whenever you think about enhancing the interior design for the new builds and renovations, a round window will come in handy. It creates an irresistible focal point. Primarily used in hallways and bathrooms, circular windows can also be used in living and dining rooms for enhancing architectural beauty.
  • Triangle windows – they are also commonly known as slating windows, raked windows, or gable windows. They create a focal point when paired with rectangular windows either on the side or above.
  • Half-round window – as the name suggests, this window consists of a fixed glass panel covering half of the window. In this design, two shapes could be a combination of a half circle and a squire or a half circle and a rectangle. The combination options are endless.
  • Gothic windows – this window’s architectural design dates back to the 12th century. The style emphasizes explicitly on vertical space. It consists of pointed arches and foils. While they are commonly used in vintage buildings, these windows are getting a lot of attention nowadays and are being used in contemporary homes in Canada.
  • Octagon windows – bring style and fun to your home by installing an eight-sided window. This is usually a fixed window with a large glass pane, which provides a great scenic view and allows natural light into your home. You can flank this window design with operable windows such as awning or casement to enhance ventilation and airflow.

Other popular shaped windows options include trapezoid, angled, vertical pivot, pentagon, and hexagon, among other unique shapes.

The Features of Shaped Windows

Of course, shaped windows enhance the curb appeal of your home, add a touch of delight and architectural style to it depending on the shape you choose. However, other perks come with installing shaped windows.

Shaped windows have fewer moving parts, and as such, they are easy to maintain. Since most shaped windows are fixed, the construction provides excellent waterproof and airtight features while allowing natural light to brighten your home’s interior with unnecessary intrusions.

Most shaped windows tend to be large. This provides an exceptional view of the outdoors. In fact, this is a strong selling point for shaped windows.

Shaped Windows Replacement and Installation

Replacing an octagon-shaped window? No problem. Special shaped windows will offer your home’s interior and exterior a unique look that will inspire your guests and neighbours. Buildmart Windows and Doors has the expertise to install any design of shaped windows in Ottawa and give your home a distinctive feature.

Buildmart’s professional service team has installed thousands of shaped and decorative windows, working with clients to get a custom feature that complements their structure’s architectural design. If you have any special shape window installation projects in Ottawa, do not hesitate to reach out to us today!


It feels good to know you are getting your windows from a reputable supplier. You would want to get your shaped windows from experienced manufacturers with extensive experience. That is also our priority. Therefore, we work with only licensed and professional Canadian window manufacturers.

When you buy replacement shaped windows from us, you know you are getting the best deals from renowned window suppliers such as Dimensions, STAGE, Ostaco, Gentek, among others. 


At Buildmart, we have a wide selection of window colours you can choose from. Regardless of how unique your home colour palette is, you will definitely get a window colour to match that. Besides, you can opt for a range of custom colours. Let your home look as you wish.


What are special shaped windows?


Also commonly known as specialty windows or geometric windows, they are characterized by their odd angles. Think of them as works of art to bring a unique vibe to your home.

What is a circular window?


This is a double-glazed round-shaped window construction with inoperable panes. Circular windows are the best alternative to traditional rectangular windows. You can add decorative glass to make them more attractive. Since they are fixed units, they are usually paired with other operable window units for ventilation.

Are shaped windows good for my home?


If you want to add an architectural style to your home and make it stand out, you should consider installing shaped windows. Depending on the room layouts of your home, a contractor will advise you which window shape will be ideal to use in your house.

How do I choose the best-shaped window style for my home?


When choosing windows for your home, you will be guided by key aspects such as energy rating, thermal performance, security, and the design that matches perfectly with your home. You can browse different styles below and choose the right one for your home.

Can I replace my double-hung windows with shaped windows?


Absolutely! However, DIY is not advisable for this type of replacement. This is because a lot of work is required, especially when prepping the existing window opening so that the shaped window can fit well. Note that the amount of labour needed will depend on how complex your chosen window shape is.

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