Sliding Windows

Gliding on a track horizontally, sliding windows require no extra space to operate. Explore sliding windows at Buildmart.

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What Are Sliding Windows?

Are you looking for replacement windows in Ottawa that will help you maximize picturesque scenery views while allowing natural light into your home, all without sacrificing the amount of air that gets into your home? Well, sliding windows would be a perfect and modern choice for you.

As the name suggests, a sliding window glides horizontally on a track and does not need much space to open or close. They are master space-savers! Since most windows open vertically, this limits how big a window can be. However, with horizontal sliding windows, this is not a limitation, and therefore window units can be made significantly larger while remaining quite practical and aesthetically appealing.

Due to how they operate, sliding windows can be used in areas where other window styles cannot be used due to space limitations. For instance, in tight spaces near the kitchen sink and small bathrooms, a small sliding window is strategically installed to maximize fresh air.

However, what makes sliding windows, especially a double slider window, famous is that they are suitable for use in large rooms. Whereas the other windows use separate panes, sliding windows provide an unobstructed view while allowing for ventilation and natural light whenever you need it. On the flipside, sliding windows do not offer high energy efficiency like their counterparts fixed windows.

Types of Sliding Windows

Here are the common types of sliding windows:

  • One fixed – one sliding window – this is so far the most common configuration of sliding windows. One glass pane is fixed in this configuration, while the other is left to slide freely on a track. Another construction can be one fixed glass pane at the centre and a sliding glass pane on either side of the fixed glass pane.
  • Double slider window – as the name suggests, this construction comes with two sliding glass panes within a window frame. The two panes typically slide past each other to open or close.
  • Vertical sliding windows – vertical sliders are window construction where one sash is fixed while the other moves vertically up and down. In most cases, the window uses springs with a sliding track and locking system.
  • Timber sliding windows – if you want to display the beauty of wood, then you can use timber.
  • Aluminum sliding windows – they are low maintenance, affordable, and durable.
  • Vinyl sliding windows – vinyl sliders are preferred for their low cost and maintenance. They are also durable and energy-efficient.

The Features of Sliding Windows

What you should know before buying this kind of window from the Buildmart company:

  • Slider windows open by sliding on a track and therefore are easy to operate. Besides, they do not take on a lot of space.
  • Sliding windows are ideal for use in areas where other windows cannot be used due to space limitations.
  • They are inexpensive compared to other window styles.
  • Sliding windows are durable. They do not rely on pulleys and springs, which generally fail over time due to wear and tear.
  • Slider windows are easy to clean and maintain.

Sliding Window Installation and Replacement

Sliding windows in Ottawa are some of the window styles that are easy to install. They can be installed as a replacement for any window style. However, before you go shopping for windows, make sure you know the exact dimensions of your window opening so that you will not have to make changes to your house. If you have decided to DIY, here are a few steps you need to follow:

  • Once you get rid of the old window, apply caulking to the frame and use shims to ensure the new replacement slider windows are plumb and level.
  • Ensure the window frame is well secured to the window opening before taking in the sliding window into it. At this stage, it will be necessary to adjust the tension on the rails to make sure they unstick.
  • Now install weatherstripping around your single slider window.


Whether you need new construction or replacement sliding windows near me, you want to get them from a reputable Canadian supplier. Buildmart stocks all the windows from industry leaders such as STAGE, WindowPro, Dimensions, and others. If you need custom windows, just give us a specification of the windows you need, and our team will deliver them to you.

Sliding Windows Colour Options

At Buildmart, we provide a wide selection of colour options to choose from. The colours of our windows are high quality and resistant to fading and extreme weather elements. These colours are guaranteed to make your sliding window frames look vibrant for a long time.

Sliding windows FAQs

What are sliding windows?


Sliding windows are those that open and close by sliding on a track horizontally.

Are sliding windows energy-efficient?


Yes, sliders are energy-efficient but not like other windows such as casement windows.

Why should I buy a sliding window for replacement?


Sliding windows are preferred for use by most homeowners because they provide excellent ventilation, an unobstructed view, and natural light. That is why most people in Ottawa use them in sitting and family rooms. Besides, slider windows are easy to open and close.

What are vertical sliding windows?


Vertical sliding windows are window styles where one sash is fixed while the other moves vertically up and down. In most cases, the window uses springs with a sliding track and locking system.

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