Triple Glazed Windows: Supply and Installation in Ottawa

At Buildmart, we have 16+ years of experience supplying and installing custom triple pane windows in the Ottawa area for residential, commercial, contractor & DIY clients.

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What is a Triple Pane Window?

Triple pane windows (also called triple glazed windows) is a type of energy-efficient window that features three panes of glass instead of the more traditional single pane or double pane.

The three panes of glass are separated by two spacers which create two insulating air spaces that can significantly improve thermal insulation and reduce heat loss. 

Buildmart works with the #1 manufacturer in Canada, STAGE Windows, to supply premium quality triple pane windows that will last you a lifetime. 

All STAGE Windows are ENERGY STAR® and NAFS-11® certified. The company is among an elite group of manufacturers earning these certifications for high standards of work. 

Three pane windows have a high ER because they are exceptionally well-made. They deliver the highest quality of insulation and guarantee a comfortable temperature in your home year-round thanks to special features that protect your home against heat loss, cold weather, and condensation. Plus, they come in 12+ colours and are made custom to order, every time. 

Triple Glazed Window With Inert Gasses inside of each pane

Fig 1. Two full-size pockets filled with argon or krypton gas

Visit our Ottawa East and Kanata (by appointment only) showrooms to see the windows in person and check out the thickness of the glass, the hardware for opening and closing the window, and how simple it is to pop out the screen.


Double Glazing vs Triple Glazing

The biggest difference between dual pane windows and triple pane windows is the extra pane of glass — thanks to this, these windows are more insulating, heavier and more durable. The extra compartment is filled with argon and krypton gases that conduct up to 50% less heat than air.

When you have three panes of glass, the window conducts less heat and stops the cold and noise from getting in. 

Since double pane windows only have two panes of glass, they by default have lower energy efficiency than three pane windows. Three pane glass is thicker and has an extra pocket for insulating argon or krypton gas which creates a higher thermal performance and superior energy efficiency.

That being said, new dual pane windows will still outperform your old stock white windows by a mile and are a worthwhile investment, especially on an affordable budget. But if you act now, you can upgrade to triple-pane windows for the price of double-pane windows at Buildmart, only for a limited time.

Why is a Triple Glazed Window More Energy Efficient?

Parameter Double Pane Window Triple Pane Window
Energy Efficiency ⚠️Lower ✅Higher
Condensation in cold weather ⚠️Significant ✅Minimal or none
Sound insulation ⚠️Poorer ✅Better
Structural strength ⚠️Poorer ✅Better
Light transmission ✅Better ⚠️Poorer
Weight ✅Lighter ⚠️Heavier
Price ✅Cheaper ⚠️More expensive

Fig 2. Quick Comparison of Double Glazing Windows vs. Triple Glazing Windows

Extra Pane of Glass to the Window 

The biggest obvious difference between dual pane and triple pane windows is the extra pane of glass. Triple pane windows are thus heavier, more expensive, yet provide superior thermal performance and soundproofing properties.

The bigger your barrier between the interior of your home and the exterior of the outdoors, the less heat loss and condensation you will experience. That means feeling comfortable in your home year-round and a quiet house so you can work or sleep with a peace of mind. 

Better Sound Proofing 

If you live near a highway or an otherwise noisy area, you know how frustrating the loud noises, cars racing, and honking can be. While no window or door will be 100% soundproof, triple-pane windows are as soundproof as you can get with a home upgrade renovation.

In fact, that’s the biggest feedback we get from our clients — they feel more comfortable in their quiet home. A large factor here is people are replacing windows from 20+ years ago (you know the default ones in the white frames).

Window technology has come a long way and we can vouch for the soundproofing properties of triple-pane windows thanks to the heavy thick three panes of glass separating you from the outside noise.

Low-E coating

Three-pane windows are energy efficient and highly insulating not only because of thicker glass and an extra compartment filled with Argon and Krypton gasses, but also because of a cool window technology called Low-E coating.

Low-E (which stands for low emissivity) coating is designed to keep out the harmful ultraviolet and infrared light waves, while allowing all the visible light to come in undisturbed! That means too much of the sun’s heat and UV rays will be moved away by air flow in the window or even re-radiated by the surface of the glass.

Previous window glass, without Low-E, would let in all the light from the sun, including infrared and UV rays, which is why homes would heat up a lot in the summer. This isn’t the case any longer as smart window technology maximizes free heat from the sun while blocking out the rest. 

There are two types of Low-E coatings:

Passive Low-E coating: Energy-Gain

Did you know your windows can easily take advantage of the free heat the sun provides?  Energy-gain low e glass is designed specially to maximize solar heat gain into the interior of your home, creating passive heating and reducing reliance on artificial heating, thus lowering your utilities bills. Yay to free heat!

Solar Control Low-E Coating: Sun-Shield 

On the flip side, sometimes we just don’t want the blistering summer sun to warm our homes. Especially in the hot Ottawa summers. That’s why the sun-shield solar control Low-E coating package is designed to limit the amount of solar heat entering your home, keeping the air conditioning and heating costs down, and increasing the R-value of your windows.

The R-value is your window’s resistance to conductive heat flow, as an insulating object. The higher this value, the better the insulation and the improved energy efficiency of your windows. Our three pane windows with Low-E coating deliver an R-value of 4.35, compared to only 2.08 of the double-glazing clear windows.

In a revolutionary invention, STAGE Ultra Plus R9 triple-glazed Low-E combo windows have an R-value of 9, which is almost as insulating as a wall and is an 80% higher R-value than a regular triple glazing system!

As a bonus, the sun-shield Low-E coating prevents UV rays from entering your home, which can be damaging to furniture, finishings, and electronics. 

Argon or Krypton Gas

The special insulation properties of three pane windows come from the extra compartment created by the third pane of glass. This full-sized pocket is filled with Argon or Krypton gas, as opposed to regular air, because both gasses conduct 50% less heat than air. This is helpful to insulate from the heat on the exterior (conditioning home in the summer), from the heat loss on the interior (heating home in the winter), as well as insulating from condensation. In layman’s terms, the gasses insulate between two or more panes of glass and slow down the transfer and movement of heat. 

The nuance with double- and triple-pane windows is that either Argon or Krypton gasses are used for insulation purposes, but not both at the same time. 

Argon used to fill the space between panes of glass. Used for both double pane and triple pane windows. Picture taken at the Stage manufacturing facility

Fig 3. Argon gas that’s used to fill in the space between window panes

What is Argon Gas?

Argon and Krypton are both non-toxic, colorless, and odorless gasses that are inert and are frequently used instead of air between window panes for energy savings. Argon is a more widely available gas on the market. Argon gas is also more often used in double pane windows since it is a cheaper gas.

What is Krypton Gas?

While Argon and Krypton gas share a lot of the same properties, Krypton gas is a little less available because it is more expensive. That’s because it’s a better insulator and more frequently used in triple pane windows. 

How Argon and Krypton Gas Create Insulation in Triple Pane Windows

Both Argon and Krypton are noble gasses designed to conduct less heat than air and to give you better energy efficiency and lower energy bills. Now what’s important is preserving your window so the noble gasses don’t leak out — that’s where our virgin vinyl frames and weather resistant strips, coupled with superior structural integrity, come in handy. It’s key to protect your new investment into your home for decades to come. 

Energy Efficiency

Since dual pane windows only have two panes of glass, they by default have lower energy efficiency than the triple pane ones. Triple pane glass is thicker and has an extra pocket for insulating argon or krypton gasses which creates a higher thermal performance and superior energy efficiency. That being said, new double pane windows will still outperform your old stock white windows by a mile and are a worthwhile investment, especially on an affordable budget. But if you act now, you can upgrade to triple-pane windows for the price of double-pane windows at Buildmart, only for a limited time. 

Condensation in Colder Times   

In the cold and snowy Ottawa winters and rainy autumns, it’s typical for single-pane and double-pane windows to collect condensation on the glass. Condensation happens when there is a contrast in temperature — when cold air from outside hits the window on the exterior whereas the window is getting hot air on the interior from the heating. While some condensation isn’t harmful, it’s often a sign the airtight seal on your window frames is broken. Additionally, over time condensation can create mold and damage your windows, and even leak below into the drywall. 

That’s why we always recommend getting new windows if you’re experiencing condensation — our triple pane STAGE windows are outfitted with enhanced weather-stripping brushes that keep moisture out. Plus, the three panes of glass and Low-E coating help moderate the temperature between interior and exterior so less condensation occurs.

This picture was taken when the outside temperature was -40 outside (Ottawa, 2023). Here we see minimal condensation

Fig 4. Picture taken in Feb 2023 during extreme colds (up to -40). This condensation is acceptable.

Sound Transmission

Since double-pane windows only have two panes of glass, you are more likely to hear sounds from the outside. Meanwhile, triple-pane windows offer better sound insulation and almost near sound-proofing so you don’t hear a busy highway or intersection near your home. 

Structural Performance

Double-pane windows are a great replacement for your stock construction-grade or old windows. However, because they are more affordable, they have a poorer structural strength compared to triple-pane windows. Triple-glazed windows feature up to 10% thicker PVC profile walls, which applies to picture windows, and all casement, casement fixed, and awning style of window. This is because the windows are heavier and need the structural integrity and reinforcement to stay in shape for decades to come.

Light Transmission 

Light transmission in double glazed windows is generally better than in the triple glazed ones because they have one additional layer of glass and two additional layers of insulating gas compared to double glazed windows. These additional layers reduce the amount of light that can pass through the window, as well as increase the reflection of light.

This can result in a reduction in the amount of natural light that enters the room.

In addition, triple glaze windows have coatings on the glass that further reduce the amount of light transmission. For example, some triple glazed windows have low-e coatings, which help to reduce heat loss and improve energy efficiency, but also reduce the amount of light that can pass through the window.

However, it’s worth noting that the difference in light transmission between two and three pane windows may be negligible in some cases, and can depend on the specific design and materials used in the windows.

Difference in Weight 

A big advantage double pane windows have over triple glazing windows is their weight. Not all houses can support heavy windows without additional reinforcements and triple pane windows can be quite heavy (200+lbs for an oversized window!) thanks to their three panes of glass. 

Oversized triple glazed windows can weigh up to 200 lbs

Fig 5. Triple pane windows are a lot heavier compared to the double pane ones. It took three people to lift and install this window.

Price Difference 

Because of the extra glass, insulation gasses, and extra materials used in structural reinforcement, triple pane windows are about 20% more expensive than the dual pane windows. When replacing construction-grade windows in your new home or replacing old windows in your heritage home, you are making an investment for decades into the future and protecting your home! 

Old windows can wreak havoc on your indoor temperature, drywall if there is excess moisture and leaking, and let all kinds of sounds in. New custom windows from Buildmart not only look beautiful, can be customized for every home design in 12+ colours, but will also protect the investment you’ve made into your home.   

Triple Glazed Window Efficiency Ratings

Triple-glazed (or triple-pane) windows receive industry-specific energy efficiency ratings that help you assess their performance to other typical styles of windows, like double-pane windows. Triple-glazed windows are rated using the U-Value (heat transfer out of window), R-Value (insulation property of a window), Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (how much sun radiation enters through the glass), and Visible Light Transmittance (a percentage of visible light entering the home through the window). It’s helpful to know these rankings as a consumer so you can make the best educated decision for your home.

Thermal Transmittance a Triple Pane Windows (U-value)

The U-Value of a window shows the amount of heat leaving a window, a total heat transfer out of a window. In this case, the lower the number, the better the window and the glass are. For example, clear double-pane windows have a U-Value of 0.48, whereas triple-pane windows with Low-E coating are at 0.23 and the Ultra Plus R9 windows are at 0.11. The less heat leaves your home in the winter, the less you have to spend on heating your entire house! All this means better energy efficiency for you. 

R-Value of a Triple Pane Window 

This parameter assesses the insulating properties of the window and the window’s resistance to conductive heat. In other words, it shows the amount of heat actually retained by the window. The higher the number, the better the window is. Our STAGE Ultra Plus R9 windows have an R-Value of 9 which is almost as insulating as a wall! That’s previously unheard of in the Canadian market! This is thanks to Low-E coatings, special window technologies, that help reduce heat loss and optimize energy conservation. These windows are filled with Argon gas. 

Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) 

The Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) determines the amount of sun radiation that comes through the window. This number represents the heat gain through a clear glass 3mm thick. The lower the number, the better the glass. Low-E coated double-pane windows have a SHGC of 0.71 whereas triple-pane windows with Low-E coating are at 0.64 and Ultra Plus R9 windows are at 0.22. 

Visible Transmittance (VT)

Visible light transmittance (VT) represents how much visible light from the sun is entering the home through the glass. The lower this percentage, the better. For example, the Ultra Plus R9 windows have a visible light transmittance of 50% whereas clear double-pane windows are at 81%.


Are Triple Pane Windows for Me?

Since triple pane windows provide superior insulation, we recommend this type of window for your home if you live in a city with very cold winters, such as in the Ottawa Valley!

Triple pane windows are your best bet to minimize heat loss when temperatures drop. Conversely, with our heatwaves in the summer, triple pane windows will keep your coveted AC temperatures inside and reduce unnecessary heating of your home from the stark sunlight.

We also highly recommend triple glazed windows if you live in a noisy area, like near a highway, or at a busy intersection — it can be hard to sleep or work in peace and quiet if you are constantly hearing traffic or honking.

With the best noise reduction performance on the market, triple glazed windows are your ticket to peace of mind, for decades to come.


Triple Glazed Windows Cost

Triple glazed windows require more glass, plastic, and insulating gas to manufacture than double glazing windows and thus are about 20% more expensive than double pane which is reflected in the superior insulating and energy efficiency powers. 

The final cost of your triple glazed windows depends on your design choices, from the colour of the window to the interior and exterior finishes, and hardware. Every window is custom-made to order to ensure it is perfect for your home. 

Contact us to get a quote.

We get back to all our inquiries and will take measurements with no deposit and no obligation to provide you with the information needed to make a decision. 

Quality product. Quality installation. We do it right, once and for all.


Why Buy Triple Glazed Windows: Special Features

  • Three panes of glass form a 1-⅜” thick glass unit meaning your home will be cool in summer and warm in winter
  • Superior noise reduction for peace and quiet
  • Two full-size pockets filled with argon or krypton gas protect against heat loss and condensation
  • Double Low-E coating available with energy-gain and sun-shield packages to utilize the free heat of the sun and block out unwanted UV rays 
  • ENERGY STAR-certified with energy rating up to ER 48
  • ROTO hardware delivers the best quality product in Europe and North America
  • Dual-arm hardware provides extra support even for oversized windows
  • The highest standard of structural performance and integrity thanks to steel reinforcements
  • Enhanced weather stripping and hidden drain holes
  • Virgin vinyl windows — these windows don’t contain regrind vinyl with unnecessary additives in them; as a result, these windows better withstand exposure to direct sunlight.
  • Variety of styles, trims and finishes — these windows come in 12 different colours, with a number of privacy options, interior finishes, interior and exterior grills, hardware and exterior finishes.

For a limited time only, we at Buildmart are offering these windows with a free upgrade to triple-glazed glass. This means you will get this window for the price of the double-glazed one.


Colours & Finishes of Triple Pane Windows

Colours: Our windows come in a variety of more than 12 colours, to match your home’s design perfectly. Choose a forest green for a vintage feel or black for timeless modernity. STAGE also offers a custom paint-to-order program and interior colour matching for a set style of windows.

Fig. 6. Our triple glazed windows are available in the following 12 colors.

Exterior finishes: Brick molds are key to your home’s curb appeal and the finished look of your new windows. Our triple pane window brick molds come in a variety of sizes and colours to create a tight seal with durable vinyl material. 

Interior finishes: Made from 100% lead-free virgin durable PVC, our casings and jamb extensions are customizable for windows of various shapes and are offered in multiple design options to suit your home. 

Hardware finishes: Working with a leading premium hardware brand ROTO, prevalent in Europe and North America, STAGE offers custom hardware finishes. From antique brass to brushed nickel, black, and standard white, bring your vision to life and enjoy your new windows for decades. 

Grills: Multiple options of exterior and interior grills make matching your architectural design seamless and easy. Grills offer tasteful decoration, whether you are buying new windows for your colonial home, choosing a prairie design or a classic ladder option.  

This Ottawa Homeowner installed new triple glazed windows, grey exterior, white interior along with custom diamond grills to maintain the classic look of the home

Fig. 7. Custom Diamond Grills on one of the Completed Projects

Privacy Glass Options

For bathrooms and other spaces where you need a little extra privacy, we offer frosted window finishes and multiple other textures in various tinted colours. 

If you are not sure how to best customize your new triple plane windows with the options for colours and finishes available, the Buildmart team will help you make the best decision. Your new windows will make the best of your home, whether it is adding more light or improving your view. 

If you are deciding between double and triple pane windows for your home, see what our clients have to say about their new custom triple glazed windows. 

privacy glass options offered by stage

Fig 8. Privacy glass options for all our windows


What Our Clients Say

Overall, the biggest feedback we receive form our happy clients after installation is how much more comfortable the home became thanks to the sound reduction and superior heat & cold temperature insulation. Are you ready to enjoy your house to the fullest?

And, did you see that you can upgrade your custom order of double pane windows to triple pane for free for a limited time?!


Are triple pane windows really saving you the bills, if so, by how much?


After learning about triple pane windows, you may be wondering, “OK but how much does this really save on my energy bill?” Well, we spoke with an energy auditor to get the most truthful answer so you can make an educated decision. On average, new triple pane windows will save about 4% on every energy bill you get after you install the new windows. It may not seem like much but imagine that compounding for the next 5, 10, 15 years. Our windows are designed to last you a lifetime. And, in really old houses, new triple pane modern windows can save you up to 20% off your energy bill! Now, that’s a big difference.

Do triple pane windows fog up?


When there is a big contrast between cold and hot air, your windows may fog up on the outside. However, thanks to triple pane windows’ superior insulation and two pockets of insulating gases, you won’t see condensation or fog on the interior, or in the glass unit itself thanks to airtight seals and weather stripping features. Triple pane windows are one of the only options to combat windows often fogging up.

Are triple pane windows quieter?


Thanks to another pane of glass, triple glazed windows offer an extra barrier to loud noise like highway traffic which can be irritating when you are trying to sleep or work. Our clients always note how much quieter and more comfortable their home became after installing triple pane windows with Buildmart. While we won’t guarantee that your triple pane windows will be completely soundproof, we can say that you will feel more comfortable in your (quiet) house for decades to come.

What's the warranty?


Our windows come with maximum protection:
Lifetime warranty on frames & installation
20-year warranty on glass
15-year warranty on hardware
15-year warranty on paint
Fully transferable warranty

Will they ever pay off?


New windows for your home are a valuable investment. While triple pane windows are currently the best product on the market and will reduce your energy bills every month, we are transparent in sharing it may take 20-35 years to pay them off with the utility savings. By ordering your custom new windows from Buildmart, you can expect not only comfort but also a real chance for your windows to pay for themselves since they will serve you for a lifetime.

How long do triple pane windows last?


Triple pane windows are generally considered a luxury product. They are carefully constructed and last relatively longer than other types of windows. However, they may still need to be serviced after a few years. Overall, triple pane windows are known for lasting up to 25-30 years, offering fantastic longevity.

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