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Due to the unforgiving climates in Canada, having at least a double pane window is a required standard for residential homes. This is because double-pane windows have an up to 50% reduction in heat loss, which helps maintain low energy costs. The structure difference between triple and double pane windows reflects all the differences in their performance. 

What is a Triple Pane Window?

Triple pane windows in Ottawa are exactly as their name sounds; they are windows consisting of three panes of glass in total. These replacement windows have a spacer that separates each pane for uniformity.

Also called three-pane windows, these windows consist of gas or air in between the panes, which helps keep the windows stable, improves energy efficiency, and acts as a sound barrier. 

Features of Triple Pane Windows

Triple pane windows are all about making your home as energy-efficient and comfortable as possible. Therefore, it is crucial, as a homeowner, to understand the following:

  • Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC). This measures a window’s ability to block solar radiation. 
  • Thermal transmittance (U-Values) indicates how well a window insulates, as well as heat transmission rates.

Lower values from both measurements indicate a low solar heat transmission, which translates to better insulation.

1. Triple Pane Windows – your ultimate energy saver

Triple pane windows are highly advantageous during cold winters in Canada and the humid summers. The larger your heating bill is, the more essential a low-U factor window is to help off-set heat loss in your house during the notoriously -frosty winters in Canada. Triple pane energy efficient windows near me keep your home warm throughout the cold winter, hence providing excellent comfort.

2. Triple pane vinyl windows for solar heat reduction

Triple pane windows can also have gas fills, insulated spacers and frames, and low -E coatings that help reduce solar radiation and any heat escaping through the glass. Low-emissivity glass windows contain a thin and transparent coating that reflects the heat.

The coating minimizes the transmission of ultraviolet and infrared light without causing a reduction in the amount of light that enters the space. This property is why triple pane windows with low E-coating can reduce the solar heat transmissions while maintaining minimal loss in view and light.

3. Ambient noise reduction

Triple pane windows use the same krypton and argon gases used between panes in double pane windows. Only now, the gasses are injected into each air pocket. Both gases will conduct up to 50% less heat than air.

Further reinforcement through an additional pane of glass improves the window’s energy rating by 20%. The low e-film can be added on the non-exposed surfaces of the glass, which not only significantly increases the energy efficiency of the triple-paned window but also their ability to block out outdoor noise.

4. Triple pane glass windows condensation-lowering feature

The insulated frames and spacers in triple pane windows make them effective in reducing condensation compared to standard windows. Once the surface temperature of an interior pane is lower than the surrounding relative humidity of the airborne water vapour, condensation occurs on the glass.

Therefore, having higher surface temperatures that coincide with higher insulation values of triple pane windows lowers the chances of vapour frosting or condensing on the pane. 

Manufacturers: Where to buy the best triple pane vinyl windows

Getting the best triple pane vinyl windows in Ottawa for your replacements may feel like an overwhelming task. Your shopping experience for windows can be a memorable one if you involve us.  

Buildmart will take you through a list of trusted manufacturers that we work with such as WindowPro, STAGE, Ostaco, Dimensions, and Gentek, among other prominent Canadian window manufacturers and suppliers.

We have managed, over time, to build up trust and a proven record of quality to help narrow down your search of the best windows in Ottawa. 

Triple pane windows colours

Triple pane windows in Ottawa are the epitome of class and style. Buildmart understands this, and that is why we stock a variety of window shades to give our customers a large assortment to choose from. Enhance your home’s curb appeal with our colourful windows! 

Replacement and installation: invest in triple-pane energy-efficient windows for your office/home in Ottawa

Buildmart offers top-notch professional triple-pane windows installation services in Ottawa. Investing in triple pane windows installation for your home or company is an investment that may make a significant difference in your fuel costs.

Depending on your home, there are many styles to choose from. For instance, if you prefer a more modern and inviting window style, you can opt for triple pane sliding windows near me installed in your home

You need to contact a reliable and professional service provider such as Buildmart for your installation.

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Are triple-pane windows any better than double-paned windows?


The additional pane in triple pane windows offers a better insulation barrier. Compared to the double-pane units, triple-pane windows have less condensation, are more soundproof, and retain more heat during the winter.

How long does a triple pane window last?


Triple pane windows are generally considered a luxury product, so they are generally carefully constructed and last relatively longer than other types. They can, however, still fail and have a lifespan of approximately 30 years.

What windows are the quietest?


While dual pane windows may help reduce noise, triple pane windows are comparatively best for soundproofing.

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