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Classic doors are a low-cost alternative for interior and exterior doors. Classic doors are often installed in flats, condos, apartments, and landed houses. They are perfect for homeowners who want their doors to be painted using a variety of colours.

You can pick between a hollow or solid core classic door for improved noise reduction. Apartments, condominiums, landed homes, and flats use classic doors.

What is a classic door?

MDF, often known as medium-density fibreboard, is used to create a classic door. It’s a compressed board made from sawdust and is therefore wooden. The traditional door is composed of lightweight wood that, unlike natural wood, lasts longer. 

Because both of the door’s surfaces are constructed of the compressed board, classic doors are simple to paint. If you encounter an affordably priced door, it is likely to be a classic door.

Features of classic front doors

The following characteristics identify the classic door design style:

  • The colours tend to be solid and muted with a natural finish.
  • Decorative patterns are used but tend to be low-key and simple.
  • The design has rigid, straight, clean, and usually symmetrical lines or patterns in keeping with the simplicity theme.
  • Classic front doors are most common but can also be found in the entryways of interior spaces.

The design may be simple, but the build is usually sturdy. With proper installation, classic doors should be energy efficient and dependable.

Replacement and installation of classic doors

If you want to get a classic front door in your home in Ottawa, contact the experts and get professional near me service from us here at Buildmart. We not only offer great classic doors but also install them for you.

Note that a professional service installation offers the full benefits of door energy efficiency.


At Buildmart, we have numerous classic doors from top Canadian manufacturers such as Dimensions, Novatech, Dorplex, York Aluminum, Sunview, Verre Select, and Trimlite. These manufacturers’ classic doors are sturdy and designed to provide security and functionality.


Choosing the best colour for your classic doors will contribute a lot to the general curb appeal of your home. Browse through our colour palette and choose the right shade that aligns with your home’s style.


Which colours are best for classic front doors?


Classic doors tend to be painted white, cream, light wood, and gray-brown. All these are suitable colours. Stark contrast is best avoided in the classic style, which tends to prefer colour subtleties.

What is the difference between a classic and temporary door?


When you check the definition of the term "contemporary", you'll see that it implies "of the same era". Contemporary doors have the same connotation. When compared to classic doors, contemporary doors are more modern.

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