Exterior Doors

We install front doors in Ottawa and other nearby cities. If quality and durability are the top priorities for your door, then a Buildmart door is your best choice.

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Find a robust, durable, and stylish exterior door for your home renovation or new build project at Buildmart. Our exterior doors offer a stunning and sturdy entry for your home. All the doors are made from strong materials sure to stand up to harsh Canadian winter. You have many options to choose from, from fibreglass and wood exterior doors to steel and prehung exterior doors!

What are exterior doors?

Exterior doors are the main entries and exits of our homes – in a layman’s language, any door that gains entry into your home. They are the focal point of our home; the first thing that visitors see. As such, they play a vital role in creating the first visual impression of our structure’s overall aesthetic quality.

Besides improving the curb appeal of our homes, we bet on our exterior doors to keep our structures safe and secure. The type of material and quality you choose for your exterior doors also impacts your home’s thermal performance and energy efficiency. So, when choosing front doors with glass or not, don’t leave any stone unturned.

Types of exterior doors

  • Patio doors – these are ‘conversation pieces’. They give access to your patio, deck, backyard or sunroom. They are primarily installed in locations where you host outdoor parties.
  • Wood doors – these are traditional options and the best choice if you want to enhance your home’s curb appeal. This goes a long way to increasing the value of your home, which comes in handy when selling it. They are also secure and sturdy. However, wood doors have their downsides. They are affected by extreme weather and elements are likely to rot, wear down and warp. Always keep your wood front entry doors in Ottawa shielded from snow, ice, and rain to promote their durability. You can add storm doors to accomplish that.
  • Steel doors – what can get into your house when you have exterior steel doors? Nothing. These are great options if you need doors to improve the security of your home. Steel exterior doors with glass are also low maintenance, resistant to fire, cracking, warping, and extreme weather elements such as snow, ice, and rain. Since it can withstand all those elements, it is exceptionally durable.
  • Fibreglass doors – this is where the two worlds collide; the traditional and modern. Fibreglass doors embrace the aesthetic of wood and security, durability, and energy efficiency of the steel door. Fibreglass doors come with foam insulation and weatherstripping (just like steel doors) to protect your home from harsh Ottawa winter. Since fibreglass doors mimic wood doors, they improve the curb appeal, just as wood doors do.
  • Storm doors – though for most people, these doors may appear obnoxious, they are essential additions to your home. They better protect your structure by adding an extra layer of security and energy efficiency. They are mostly made of composite, aluminum, or steel and come in different styles, including front doors with glass inserts and screen options.

Different door styles

There is no standard door style for all homes. Choosing the door style is one of the crucial steps during front door replacement in Ottawa. The door style you choose will have a direct impact on your home’s curb appeal. Here are common options to match your home design:

  • Modern/contemporary
  • Victorian
  • Industrial
  • Classic
  • Colonial
  • Mid-century
  • Mediterranean
  • South-western

Features and benefits of exterior doors

  • Increased curb appeal improves home value – front doors give your home a refreshed look. With different materials to choose from, you can make your home look as you desire. Each material has its unique benefits, and we are sure you can choose one that fits your needs and preferences.
  • Ability to create a customized design statement – an exterior door offers you many ways to transform the exterior of your home. For instance, there are various door styles, colours and even additional features such as decorative glass, wrought iron, grilles, and crossbucks that you can incorporate into your entry door and take its vision a notch higher. We offer various types of modern front door styles, including sleek and minimalist panel designs with decorative glass ideal for your modern or contemporary home. Homeowners with farmhouse-style homes can opt for bold red shades or natural wood stains for their exterior doors in Ottawa.
  • Great privacy and natural lighting – homeowners want their homes to be as welcoming as possible, and incorporating glass in your entry door is the best way to achieve that. However, having glass does not mean your privacy has to take a back seat. No. Transoms and sidelights are a great way to balance privacy and light at your exterior door. For glass options, you can opt for clear glass, obscure glass or decorative glass.
  • Security – this is the prime purpose of any front door. Apart from being aesthetically appealing, your exterior door should be robust and durable. Our modern exterior doors are made from quality materials and come with additional features such as a multipoint lock system to offer additional security, helping keep intruders at bay.
  • Improved energy efficiency – an exterior door is the last defence of your home against the external elements. Our exterior doors come with excellent insulation to help keep heat in and cold out.

Always hire a quality door contractor

For better performance of your exterior doors, always choose to have your doors installed by professionals from Buildmart. We specialize in installing all types of exterior doors. Remember that quality installation near me is as important as choosing the type of exterior doors to install in your home. Poorly installed doors can result in poor operation, energy inefficiency, and compromised curb appeal.

Are you ready to shop for replacement exterior doors in Ottawa? Our Buildmart professionals will guide you through the entire process, from selecting the right exterior door according to your home’s design to installing the doors for you. Installing your front entry doors ought to be an exciting undertaking!

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