Garden Doors

Garden Doors, also known as Terrace or French Doors, are normally installed to replace existing patio doors. However, they can be used in your house for an inviting feel and look while maintaining security and energy efficiency.

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Garden doors bring together a sleek design with polished craftsmanship. As opposed to most people’s belief, you do not need to have a garden to install a garden door in your house. Even without a garden, these doors provide stunning and energy-efficient access to your backyard. Popularly known as terrace doors, this door style is a great way to transform the appearance of your structure and give a fresh breath to your outdoor space.

Designed to let natural light into your home, garden doors in Canada help in maintaining your home warm and well-lit. The doors are excellently designed to achieve maximum insulation and therefore help keep your home cool in the summer months and warm during the winter.

What Are Garden Doors?

Garden doors provide a grand entrance to outdoor living space. They consist of two traditional door panels where one panel serves as an entryway and the other panel for ventilation.

Like any front entry door, the operational panel of the single garden door can open/close either to the inside or outside. Preferred for their privacy, ease of operation, and security, garden doors provide an elegant and rustic feel! With a wide range of customization options, garden doors can be designed to incorporate ventilation panels, pet doors, or even fixed garden doors with screens. However, the amount of space available dictates how many customizations features you can include.

Types of Garden Doors

Like their counterparts French doors, garden doors are becoming quite popular exterior doors in Ottawa. With the limited garden time available in the summer, you want to maximize the view of your beautiful outdoor space!

Homeowners can opt for either the standard garden door or sliding garden door. The former comes with two panes, with only one serving as an entry and the other pane remaining fixed for ventilation. The latter is a more preferable option by homeowners because they are easy to open (horizontally) from the side through track and rollers. Another advantage of sliding garden doors is that they save a lot of space since they are tucked into the wall. You can open it to the maximum without needing more space to accommodate its opening and closing mechanism.

Features and benefits of garden doors

  • Energy efficiency – garden doors are engineered from high-performance materials and, therefore, are the best option for preserving energy. With an array of ventilation options to choose from, you can allow fresh air into your home without relying on your HVAC system.
  • Improved aesthetic – rustic and stylish, garden doors offer a refined flair to your house’s general appearance and feel. Increased curb appeal will come in handy when selling your home.
  • Fully customizable – with a wide variety of materials, colours, finishes, and styles available, Buildmart’s selection of garden doors in Canada will leave you feeling excited about what option to choose.
  • Accessibility – if it is what you are looking for, garden doors offer that. Generally, these are double garden door options that offer a unique touch of accessibility. With a wide opening almost twice that of a common door, it allows you to move large items in and out flawlessly.
  • Privacy – if you are more concerned about your privacy, garden doors in Ottawa are good for that. Since the door-to-glass ratio can vary significantly based on the door style, you can opt for various frosted glass options for privacy.
  • Safety – garden doors are designed with multi-locking systems to enhance their security. Made with robust materials resistant to extreme weather elements, garden doors can protect your property and family for a prolonged time.

Installation and Replacement of Garden Doors

Whether you want to install standard garden doors or sliding garden doors, you would want to choose a professional to do it for you. The quality of installation will affect various contributions of your doors, such as their security, functioning and energy efficiency. 

At Buildmart, our rich catalogue provides unique and customizable options sure to complement any home design and style. If you need to know more about garden windows installation and replacement, allow our professionals to guide you!


What is the difference between French and garden doors?


These two types of doors are exterior doors. However, they are differentiated by the location of the hinges and how they function. While French doors are hinged at the sides of the frame, garden doors are hinged at the centre and consist of a rolling screen door. While they come with two panels, only one panel is operational while the other is fixed. French doors also come with two panels, one operational panel and a stationary one, which can be operated when the locking mechanism is released.

Are garden doors energy efficient?


The modern garden doors with an energy star rating are energy efficient, meaning they have been designed and tested to perform to higher energy standards.

Where should I install garden doors in my home?


Garden doors are best installed in parts of your home where you want to connect the living space to the outdoors. The two full glass panels ensure that your rooms are naturally well lit for enhanced ventilation. Besides, you can choose from the many colour options available to match the exterior and interior hues that you have for your home. From white, cream to black garden doors, the choices are endless.

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