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Your exterior design choices are just as important as your interior décor. When people see your home for the first time, the entryway is usually the first to be seen; hence it contributes greatly to the first impression of your home. Some people choose intricate doors, others hang ornamentation, but some opt for an oversized front door.

Not only is it an imposing façade to have, but it also adds a certain grand feel to the entire experience. It makes a powerful statement about the house and its inhabitant(s).

What are oversized exterior doors?

In a nutshell, oversized entry doors are the product of someone asking, ‘what would my house look like if the front door was larger?’ Typically, the most common door sizes hover around 36 by 80 inches.

Oversized front doors tend to be bigger than classic doors and are often built to the owner’s specifications.

Features and benefits of oversized front doors

Whether you are looking for oversized exterior doors or oversized sliding glass doors near me, the features remain the same. They include:

1. Functionality

An oversized front door makes it simpler to gain access to a home. The larger entryway facilitates the movement of people and items. For instance, fitting large furniture pieces through the doors becomes a breeze, as does wheelchair mobility.

2. Aesthetics

Just like how large patio doors enhance the look from the patio, oversized doors enhance the house’s curb appeal. Giant doors on a big house make it look even grander, and on a smaller house, they serve as a statement piece. Either way, you look at it; it’s pretty impressive to see and even more so to walk through.

3. Security

In addition to the imposing look that large doors already have, you can considerably reduce the risk of burglary with proper door installation by a professional service in Ottawa like Buildmart. When reinforced or built with purposely strong materials, they can become quite hard to get through.

Replacement and installation of oversized front doors

At Buildmart, we don’t just provide access to a catalogue of oversized entry doors but also have professionals who install them. For those searching for large front doors in Ottawa or ‘near me‘, our establishment stands ready to help you find your ideal door. With the proper installation, you get the full benefits of energy efficiency to go along with your new door.


At Buildmart, we have a comprehensive list of suppliers/brands who keep us stocked. We have everything from large glass doors to oversized patio doors and everything in between. Shop with us and get high-quality doors from renowned manufacturers such as STAGE, Dimensions, Novatech, Dorplex, York Aluminum, Sunview, Verre Select, Ostaco, Trimlite, among others.  


Oversized front doors come in multiple colours and can be customized to look like blended or primary colours, the colour of the material used, or clad in skins.


Are there benefits to having oversized front doors?


Oversized front doors make rooms roomier, the face of the house more imposing or even inviting (depending on style), and have the added benefit of allowing for easy movement in and out of the house for both people, furniture, or anything else you need in the house.

Are oversized front doors secure?


Oversize entry doors can be very secure, especially when reinforced or built with durable and robust material. However, installing them properly is a better way to have security with large doors. Poorly installed doors are a liability, even though they may be of a strong build.

How wide can large patio doors be?


A patio door's standard width is usually about 1,790 mm (around 5 ft 8"). Many people are unaware, however, that a PVC patio door may be quite broad, with a two-part reaching up to 3,000mm (approximately 9 ft 8") wide. The door may be made up of many panels with varying proportions.

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