Folding Patio Doors

Bifold patio doors have expansive panels of glass that fold open like an accordion. Buildmart provides folding patio doors in Ottawa for your homes.

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A folding patio door is one of the greatest investments you can add to your home. It brings various benefits such as improving your home’s design, adding value to your property, maximizing your home’s natural light, and creating a space for entertainment.

Folding patio doors come in numerous shapes, finishes, and configurations and will definitely spruce up your living space.

What Is a Folding Patio Door?

A folding patio door is also known as a bi-fold (or bifold) patio door or an accordion patio door because when it is opened, it folds like an accordion. It is made up of three or more panels that are connected with hinges and can fold to open or straighten to close.

When patio doors are closed, they form a wall of glass. Folding doors can either be in-swing or out-swing. The difference is when in-swing doors are opened, they fold and stack neatly indoors, while out-swing doors stack neatly towards the outdoors and create a big opening.

You can get bi-fold doors to either upgrade your current patio door opening or replace a part of your wall to get a seamless transition from your interior to exterior spaces such as an outdoor kitchen, a patio, or a gazebo. They create a substantial opening when opened and still allow maximum light inside your home when closed.

Types of Folding Patio Doors

There are many different door designs, colours, and finishes to choose from that you may be spoilt for choice. Bi-fold doors can be made with materials like aluminum, wood, vinyl, wood, or fibreglass frames. You can look for various folding patio doors in the Ottawa area and find different options such as:

1. Accordion patio doors

Accordion patio doors stack together inwards, outwards, or even on themselves sometimes. They can be engineered of two or more glass panels which create an impression of more space without structurally changing your home.

2. Bi-fold patio doors

These doors are also known as two-panel folding doors and comprise two large glass panels. Most bi-fold doors are usually made using energy-efficient glass. They also increase your home’s airflow while maximizing natural light.

3. Tri-fold patio doors

They are similar to bi-fold doors but have more layers or stacks. As the term connotes, tri-fold patio doors have three panels that pile vertically on each other.

Benefits and Features of Folding Patio Doors

Accordion folding doors are increasingly becoming a go-for option for homeowners in Ottawa due to the following reasons:

1. Create more space and are safe for kids

Folding patio doors with screens will make your living room look more spacious and brighter. Bi-folding glass patio doors also provide more visibility in your house and compound. Therefore, you will be able to watch your children play outside while continuing with your daily duties.

2. Improved ventilation

A normal door can make your house stuffy because of poor ventilation. However, a folding patio door improves air circulation and ventilation. Thus, it is very useful during the hot summer months, especially in Ottawa.

3. Saves your energy bills

They allow plenty of air and natural sunlight. Therefore, you will not need to use artificial lighting or your AC. As a result, you will reduce your energy bills if you invest in the accordion patio doors available at Buildmart. Plus, new patio doors are much more energy efficient. 

4. Great aesthetics and low maintenance

The doors look stylish and will enhance both your interior and exterior space. Moreover, folding doors made of UPVC and aluminum require low maintenance to last for years. All you have to do is wash them occasionally and apply lubricant periodically.

5. Safe and secure

Glass patio doors allow visibility to the outside, and are thermally efficient and weatherproof. Moreover, they are very secure and can be used in both residential and commercial properties.

6. Practical and modern

These doors can stack neatly to one side and allow people to move freely in and out of the house. They simply fold away and do not hinder access. Thus, they are an ideal solution for people with disabilities and wheelchair users who require wider access with minimal steps.

In addition to accessibility, they are durable and will look aesthetically pleasing in both modern and old historical buildings.

7. Versatility

When big or small folding patio doors are opened, they allow integration between the interior and exterior. They also allow you to move in or out of your home easily.

Replacement and Installation of Folding Patio Doors

If you want to get stylish patio doors installed in your home, contact us to get a quote. We provide and install folding doors in Ottawa-Gatineau and the surrounding Ontario cities. Reach us today and get exemplary installation and replacement services that you can count on.

The quality of the installation is important when installing your new or replacement doors. A professional service installation offers the full benefits of door energy efficiency. Since accordion doors are quite complex, we recommend you opt for professional installation instead of DIY.


For the years that we at Buildmart have been serving Canadian homes and providing doors from reputable suppliers and manufacturers such as Dimensions, Novatech, STAGE, Ostaco, and many others.

We always make sure that the doors that we offer to our customers are sturdy and designed to provide exceptional security and functionality. You are assured of a variety of high-quality products to choose from when you buy from us.


When it comes to bi-fold doors, you have the freedom to personalize and customize the door to match your stylistic needs. This includes choosing the finishing and colour coating you need for your doors. Common door colours include:

  • White – White doors bring brightness into a room, which is something that black colours cannot do. Other shades that create that classic white look while adding a contemporary aesthetic are gray-white, cream, and oyster white.
  • Black/Gray – Black and gray are the two other best-selling colours because they complement many contemporary spaces such as outdoor kitchens and living rooms. They can also be easily matched with the interior décor or flooring to give your home that touch of sophistication.
  • Split Finish – You can also choose different colours for either side of the door. In this way, the external door part will match the architecture and style of your house while the internal colour will match your home’s interior décor.


Why should I choose folding patio doors for my home?


Bifold doors are a dependable home addition that provides superb natural light while being less bulky than sliding doors. A folding door may be installed both internally and externally, creating an open plan effect that connects numerous indoor rooms or the inside to the outside for patios.

How secure is a folding patio door?


Folding glass patio doors are made from toughened safety glass. Moreover, they have a multi-point locking system that increases security. However, intruders can be able to see into your property from a close range and you should close your curtains during nighttime. Apart from that, they are generally very safe.

Are patio doors easy to clean and maintain?


These are just like your windows and if you enjoy cleaning your windows, patio doors wouldn’t be an exception. They are easy to clean just like your windows.

Are Bi-fold patio doors thermally efficient?


Yes, they are energy efficient. For instance, timber bi-folds are created with an engineered core that reduces heat transfer. On the other hand, aluminum bi-fold doors have a thermal break that prevents the material from passing heat through.

How do folding doors open?


Bi-fold windows can either open outwards or inwards. This means that when the doors are opened, the panels will fold and sit either inside your house or in your outdoor space.

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