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Ottawa Windows and Doors Near Me — Supply, Installation and Replacement

Can you remember the last time you replaced your windows and doors in Ottawa? If you cannot answer this question immediately, then you should not wonder why your monthly energy utility bills have been increasing, your home is uncomfortable to live in, and sometimes you cannot open some windows. If this is the case, you should consider replacing your doors and windows.

This is where Buildmart comes in. Whether you want new windows for your just completed new modern house or you want to replace the existing doors and windows in your historic Canadian home, we got your back. Whether you need awning, double-hung, sliding, or casement windows, we have it all in our stores. Alternatively, are you just looking for fiberglass, vinyl, or wood doors? Just name them, and we will deliver them to you. Besides providing these home elements, our team of professionals is unchallenged when it comes to Ottawa windows and doors replacement services.

When Should I Replace My Windows and Doors in Ottawa?

Should I buy Ottawa windows and doors near me? Well, you are not alone. Most homeowners are not sure when to get new doors and windows. Understanding what to look for before replacing your Total Home windows and doors is essential. You do not want some scrupulous door and window companies and suppliers to take advantage of your ignorance.

Remember that replacing your Canada windows and doors is a tremendous investment in your home, and you should know when to replace them and when to wait. Some apparent signs will tell you it is the right time to call a Buildmart professional service to inspect your home and start the replacement process.

They include:

  • Faulty windows and doors operation-sometimes the windows may fail to open altogether;
  • The recurring presence of drafts;
  • Condensation between window glass panes;
  • High energy utility bills that keep on rising;
  • Faulty window or door frame;
  • Audible outside noise;
  • Reduced curb appeal.

When you call an expert from Buildmart, we will inspect your home and advise you whether you need full-frame windows and doors in Ottawa replacement or retrofit replacement.

Full Frame vs. Retrofit Replacement

The main difference between these two terms is in the condition of the frame. Full frame window replacement is necessary if the frame is in bad condition. It could be wood rot that makes the frame weak or a bent frame that compromises its structural integrity. In this case, you would need to replace the entire window, including the frame and the existing trim. Since it could be expensive, look for a company that will give you the best deals.

On the other hand, retrofit replacement or a sash-only insert is preferred if the window frame is in good condition. It is less expensive than the latter because you do not need a lot of labour and are not buying new frames or trims. If you have decided to go DIY, always consult Buildmart Windows and Doors Ottawa experts near you to advise which option best suits your needs.


“buildmart” is the best business

Buildmart is the best business I’ve dealt with in years. Alexei is a fantastic owner that puts the needs of customers first. He came to my house and took a LOT of time to walk me through the different options for my new door. His quote was the best among 5 different quotes I received for a Duplex door. Communication was great while I was waiting for the door. The install was A+ by two very experienced guys who took their time to install my door properly. Finishing was super clean. Thanks a million guys!

Marc Delisle – installation of doors, December 2019

“buildmart” is the best company

We are very happy with the Buildmart Windows and Doors services. The process of doors’ installation was flawless from the beginning to the end. Alexei was absolutely amazing in answering all our questions, suggesting better door’s options to choose from, following up when required. He is very knowledgeable and professional. The installation was on time and also very professional. We are very happy with this company and highly recommend this company to anyone who needs to replace doors.

Valentina – exterior doors instllation, December 2019

“buildmart” is the best installation company

It is the best installers company in Ottawa.I am a windows and doors installation professional in Ottawa. I find Buildmart as the best company supplier in Ottawa with huge variety of window and doors products and best price for quality. Buildmart’s warehouse they have all materials that I need and they have better prices than other suppliers! They are saving me time and money every time I go there for supplies.The staff is very welcoming and highly professional. I look forward working with them in the future.

Denys Spatarii – windows and doors installation, January 2020

“buildmart” is very great communication

Overall pleasant experience starting from the gentleman inside the office to the installers at my house. Very great communication with all the staff where they ensured that all my needs were met.
Would recommend to anyone in the market for windows and/or door installation.

JT – windows and doors installation, December 2019

“buildmart” is the professionalism

We were so impressed with the professionalism of both the company and the installers. We have renovated many homes and have dealt with many companies and workers, but none can be compared with the work that was done by Buildmart Windows and Doors. I will certainly use them again and have and will continue to recommend them!

Ghitafinn – installation of  patio doors, November 2019

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