Buildmart Windows & Doors offers a wide range of products from leading Canadian suppliers such as STAGE, Gentek, Dimensions, WindowPro, Ostaco and others. This wide range of suppliers ensures a product assortment of replacement and new construction quality that suits all needs. You can select any style and colour of window frames, which will give your home an elegant look and provide a sense of comfort for you and your family.

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High quality windows

Worrying about the unstable Canadian climate is a thing of the past. The windows supplied by Buildmart Windows & Doors meet the performance standard of Energy Star 2020. All of our windows come equipped with LOW-E Argon and vinyl jambs as standard features. However, we offer the ability to upgrade your window standards with features like LOW-E double glass, triple glass, self-cleaning and matt windows. Whatever your needs, we can accommodate them.

LOW-E Argon is one of the most popular window packages in the industry due to its many appealing features. A typical thermoplastic window will always carry air between both panes. These windows have some insulating properties, but the quality of the insulation is poor. Argon is the most frequently used gas in the manufacturing of windows, as it is an excellent thermal insulator. Thus, the expenses for your home heating will decrease significantly when using Argon in your windows. In addition, Argon has no color, odor, taste and does not react with other materials. Given the fact that it’s completely safe to use, LOW-E Argon is the most popular choice amongst customers.

In addition to their heat saving capabilities, these windows are distinguished by their excellent noise reduction capacity. They will reduce noise in all kinds of environments. Whether you live near a highway or a construction site, these windows will offer you peace of mind with their ability to eliminate exterior noises.

By ordering such windows from Buildmart Windows and Doors, you’re guaranteed to benefit from long-term financial savings along with an increase in your comfort and calmness.

The advantages of Buildmart windows are as follows:

  • We have extensive industry experience and excellent customer service.
  • Our product catalogue contains the widest selection of windows in Ottawa.
  • We work with a wide variety of materials: PVC, hybrid (PVC/Aluminum, wood/Aluminum), Aluminum and others.
  • Each specialist in our company has vast experience in the installation of windows. All specialists have been insured and are certified.
  • We provide you with a turnkey solution from product selection to installation, that ensures your peace of mind throughout the entire process.
  • We professionally install any options, whether it’s vinyl windows, hybrid windows or aluminium windows.
  • Thanks to our considerable experience, we can easily give your home a new level of esthetic and elegance for years to come.

Estimating the high quality windows cost is an extremely customized calculation. To determine the exact cost, it is necessary to take measurements and ensure we understand each client’s specific needs. You can order a custom shape window or select windows from our catalog. You can also choose the color of frames suitable for the decoration of your home. As soon as all the requirements and measurements are known, we will quickly calculate the high quality windows price for you absolutely free.

Call us right now for a free windows cost estimate.

A choice of windows for your home

Your choice of windows will depend on the following parameters:

The material:

  • Vinyl windows. Vinyl windows are maintenance-free. Their corners and sashes are completely sealed, so they do not allow the heat to pass inside. They are easily installed and come in a variety of colours. Also PVC is environmentally friendly and has a beautiful appearance, which will emphasize the design of any room.
  • Aluminum windows. They have a high protection against damage, and they are resistant to corrosion. The window material does not require much maintenance and can serve you for decades.
  • Hybrid windows. These windows are a hybrid of PVC, wood and Aluminum. They have all the advantages of these materials which includes, excellent air-tightness, beautiful appearance, strong noise reduction and ideal heat retention in the house.
  • Other materials. We also supply and install windows from different materials. The desired appearance and material are discussed individually with each client.
  • Colour: Your windows can be any colour you choose. You can opt for a strict standard white colour or you can add brightness to your home by choosing vibrant and saturated colours.
  • Black windows. Black windows give your home a sophisticated style. They look especially good with a masonry construction. We can also offer the option of making the outer envelope of your windows black. For the inside of the room, you can choose a different colour for the frames.
  • Painted windows. You can buy windows in any colour and create your unique style for your home or office.

Also, Buildmart Windows & Doors can order upvc windows and any style of windows, double-layer or even triple glazed windows. There is no request too big, we will consider all of our client’s needs guaranteed!

Company Buildmart supplies and installs windows in Kanata, Nepean, Gloucester, Orleans and other cities and towns in the Ottawa region.


Casement windows use a crank handle for smooth operation. They are easy to clean and provide exceptional ventilation.


Awning windows open out from the bottom that provides excellent ventilation without allowing precipitation in.


Casement fixed windows blend look of an operable casement window with a feature of a fixed unit. Picture fixed offers a modern low profile look.


Single Tilt Slider has one operable sash that moves side to side and tilts inward for easy cleaning. Available as Lift Out as well.


Double Tilt Slider has two operable sashes that move horizontally and both can tilt for easy cleaning. Available as Lift Out as well.


Single Hung window has the lower operable sash move up and down and tilt inwards for easy cleaning.

Double Hung

Double Hung window has two operators that move vertically and both tilt inward for easy cleaning.


BAY & BOW windows consist of 3 or more adjoining windows connected at an angle. Each unit can be fixed or operable. They allow for a great panoramic view and bring more natural light.


Linear or Curved Custom Shape windows are perfect option to complement the character of your house.


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